Open Convergence

Simplify your journey to hybrid cloud

Datrium converges storage and compute in a radical new way, modeled on public cloud IaaS services instead of traditional 3-tier infrastructure or hyperconvergence

Datrium named a
2016 Gartner Cool Vendor

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The Datrium Difference


Elastic Performance Scaling
Up to 5x Faster vs All Flash
On-Demand Acceleration


Your Commodity CPU & Flash
Independent Scaling
Data Footprint Reduction


Automated Installation
One-Click Upgrades


Mixed Workload Isolation
Real-time VM Analytics
N-Host Failure Tolerance

Elastic, On-Demand Performance and Capacity for your Enterprise Cloud

Our Solutions

VDI / End User

Boot/login storms handled
4X faster provisioning
$2 per desktop/month

Solution Brief

SQL / Data

Lower latency transactions
4x faster reporting
Query workload Isolation

Microsoft SQL
Solution Brief

Private Cloud /
Mixed Use

Independent scaling
Predictably lower latencies
Consolidate mixed workloads

VMware Multi-Data Center
Reference Implementation

Customers Speak Out

What we really like about Datrium DVX is that the performance is offloaded to the host, can be isolated to the host, and can scale with the host. – Viktor Tadijanovic, Chief Technology Officer

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“Prior to Datrium, the conversation I had with prospects was about leveraging our world-class data center for business continuity and taking care of everything for them. But because of the governor on our speed, we could not always promise better performance. Now with Open Convergence, it’s more resilient and faster, so I can add more benefits to the conversation. Ultimately, that means more revenue for us, and greater performance for our clients.” – Michael Strong, COO

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“The number one reason we brought in Datrium was to optimize the performance and reduce the complexity of our VDI environment,” Jason Richmond, Technology Director

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“Since we installed Datrium, we have doubled the speed of our video editing applications and are seeing acceleration of our analytics applications as well.” – Bobby Phimmasane, Director of Information Technology

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“We’re averaging nearly 3X better virtual desktop performance on Datrium than on our other storage solution which translates to the best possible experience for our students. ” – Brian Troudy, Director, Network and Infrastructure

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“The biggest selling point with Datrium was the ability to abstract cache (Flash SSDs) – the most expensive part – from the storage array and put it into the host. It’s a huge benefit because we can bring our own flash and the price point is much, much less. ” – Callie Rabe, IT Administrator

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“I’ve been looking at the market for a long time, and this is really the first storage system that feels like it’s built for an infrastructure-as-a-service provider like us.” – Martin Skojec, Director of IT,EdgeConneX

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“We replaced a rack full of array gear in our colocation facility with Datrium’s 2U appliance. The footprint savings alone in our colocation facility paid for the DVX.” – Michael Brown, Director of Technologies, NPS

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“Larger deployments used to take us a week or more to provision. With Datrium, it’s now down to hours which means our clients are up and running sooner, and our time to revenue is faster.” – Scott Weinberg, CEO

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“When I ran a head-to-head comparison, the Datrium system performed critical tasks in a quarter of the time compared to Nimble Storage. Tasks that used to take 10-20 minutes now take less than two minutes to complete” – Joshua Rabe, Systems Architect

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“Datrium allowed us to put the cache close to the server and decouple it from the array. That simplicity, ease of use and scalability will allow us to have the performance we need without having to upgrade our storage controllers at a premium cost.” – Ben Craig, CIO

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“I get the performance of all-flash, but the authoritative copy of my data is deduped, compressed and deduped again, then stored on low-cost, high-capacity SAS drives. Datrium provided us an affordable way to keep years of high performance data literally at our fingertips.” – Darel Stokes, IT Director

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“Here at SSF, productivity improvements translate directly to more billable hours and more revenue. Since we installed Datrium, the performance gains we are seeing are absolutely having an impact on the firm’s top line.” – Igor Zaika, IT Director

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“With each blade server running DVX software, I get additional CPU and flash resources to power our VM I/O requirements. To do the same thing with arrays would have meant a pricey upgrade and ridiculously expensive array SSDs.” – Matthew Sheehan, Senior Systems Engineer

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“We honestly were not expecting to get the kinds of numbers we’re seeing with Datrium. The rate of compression and deduplication combined with the low latency is impressive.” – Jim Cunningham, Director of Information Systems

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