Private Cloud.


Datrium named 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor.

Open Convergence

Storage and compute come together in a radical new way for an effortless, efficient, and elastic private cloud.

Run wide open.

Blanket Encryption

End-to-End Encryption with Data Reduction.

Datrium puts the Private in Private Cloud.


5X faster than all-flash arrays? Believe it.


Always fast. Always efficient. 100% VM-centric.


BYO servers and always-on data reduction means big savings.


Count on scalable, available and secure SLAs.

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What is Open Convergence

Open Convergence Defined

We split speed on servers from durable data on the network. So it’s Open to run with any server—including blades—and provides Convergence of I/O processing on the server. That’s Open Convergence. Need more information? Check out our two-minute video.

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Private Cloud Consolidation

Your mixed use private cloud is always fast and always efficient. Consolidate a wide variety of mixed workloads while maintaining robust and predictable performance. Your cloud-based data remains deduped, compressed and encrypted in-use, in-flight and at-rest.

Database & Data Warehouse

Transactions with 50-80% lower latency and queries up to 5x faster versus all flash array-based solutions. And with the host isolation of Open Convergence, you never have to worry about intensive database workloads or queries affecting neighboring workloads.

End User Computing

Boot and login storms? No problem. Desktop provisioning happens up to 4x faster versus array-based solutions. And by using the servers you already own, you keep cost per desktop down to as little as $2 per desktop per month.

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