Datrium Mission:

Revolutionize Data Storage

Different DNA

Like our leadership, Datrium is a balance of people who come from virtualization and storage backgrounds. Our product reflects this. Our founders include (sometimes double-counting):

  • 2 VMware Principal Engineers
  • 1 EMC Fellow
  • 2 EMC VPs
  • 1 Data Domain Founder
  • 2 Data Domain CTOs
  • 1 Initial Architect, NetApp SnapVault

It’s obvious why VMware matters. Through their work in the ESX hypervisor, fault tolerant clustering and many other projects, Boris and Ganesh have had a central view of the evolution of the vSphere ecosystem and the associated storage bottlenecks.

Data Domain produced the most widely deployed log-structured file system in history and the most widely deployed inline compressed / deduped file system. These are unorthodox storage foundations historically, but as it turns out they are central to the future of enterprise storage. As flash and disk media progress, they both require large, loggy writes. Also, write amplification in lower-cost SSDs is reduced by an order of magnitude leading to better durability based larger log writes with deduplication and compression inline, like Data Domain.

There are many storage companies, but only one Datrium.

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