Press Releases


July 18, 2017

Datrium Adds Mixed Hypervisor and Stateful Container Support

Datrium, the leading provider of Open Converged Infrastructure for private clouds, today announced it has added support for Red Hat Virtualization to its DVX platform and Data Cloud software. Datrium DVX Software 3.0 supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers and kernel virtual machines (KVM) in the same way it supports VMware servers and vSphere virtual machines (VMs), and can run both environments within a single Datrium DVX system and with a single management view. With this software release, Datrium DVX is part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux ecosystem. Datrium also announced support for stateful Linux containers and Docker persistent volumes, for both bare-metal and virtualized deployments, enabling end-to-end encryption and cloud data management on a per-container basis.


June 27, 2017

Datrium DVX Receives Citrix Ready Certification

Datrium, the leading provider of Open Converged Infrastructure for private clouds, today announced that it has been verified as Citrix Ready® and the solution is now available in the Citrix Ready Marketplace. The Citrix Ready program helps customers identify third-party solutions that are recommended to enhance virtualization, networking and cloud computing solutions from Citrix. As part of the program, Datrium has completed a rigorous process to ensure its Open Convergence platform, Datrium DVX Rackscale, is compatible with Citrix XenDesktop®.


May 15, 2017

Virtualization Luminary Andre Leibovici Joins Datrium as Vice President of Solutions and Alliances

Datrium, the leading provider of Open Converged Infrastructure for private clouds, today announced that Andre Leibovici has joined the company as Field CTO and Vice President of Solutions and Alliances. In his new role, Leibovici will be responsible for expanding the global partner ecosystem by developing strategic and technology-driven partnerships to accelerate the adoption of the award-winning Datrium Data Cloud and DVX Rackscale system.


May 2, 2017

Sphere 3D and Datrium Partner to Accelerate Open Convergence Adoption for the Private Cloud Data Center

Sphere 3D Corp., a containerization, virtualization, and data management solutions provider, and Datrium, the leading provider of Open Converged Infrastructure for private clouds, are pleased to announce Sphere 3D’s HVE line has obtained “Datrium ready” nodes classification.


April 25, 2017

A Recent Study From IT Professionals Reveals Why Enterprise Data is More Difficult to Encrypt Than Cell Phone Data

Datrium conducted a recent study revealing why enterprise IT professionals believe it's so much more difficult to encrypt sensitive enterprise data than personal cell phone data—even with the existence of sophisticated encryption technologies. Datrium summarizes their view on the difficulty, and has provided the data security industry's first end-to-end encryption technology.


April 4, 2017

Datrium Introduces Data Cloud Software and DVX Rackscale Systems

Datrium, the leading provider of Open Converged Infrastructure for private clouds, today announced Data Cloud software, a suite of scalable, secure cloud data management tools, integrated with its award-winning Datrium DVX Open Convergence platform. The company also announced DVX Rackscale systems, providing virtualization administrators turnkey system nodes to speed infrastructure deployment and simplify end-to-end support.


March 13, 2017

Service Provider Tec-Refresh Doubles Application Performance and Generates New Revenue Stream with Datrium

Datrium, the industry’s leading open convergence platform for private clouds, and Tec-Refresh, a nationwide provider of IT infrastructure, cyber security, data and networking solutions and support services, announced today that deployment of Datrium within Tec-Refresh cloud data centers has doubled application performance, reduced client costs and generated a new revenue stream for the firm.


February 28, 2017

Datrium Introduces Industry-First Blanket Encryption for Private Clouds

Datrium, the leading provider of Open Convergence for cloud builders, today announced Datrium Blanket Encryption, an industry-first software product that combines always-on efficient deduplication and compression technology with high-speed, end-to-end encryption: in use at the host, in flight across the network and at rest on persistent storage.


January 24, 2017

Datrium Announces One-Year Anniversary of NVMe Flash Deployments

Datrium, the industry’s leading Open Convergence provider for cloud builders, today announced the one-year anniversary of NVMe-based flash customer shipments as a part of its DVX platform. NVMe-based flash represents the next major evolution of solid-state technologies beyond SATA and SAS-based flash, and Datrium customers have adopted the technology well ahead of array and hyperconvergence customers.


December 5, 2016

Datrium Closes $55 Million in Financing Led by NEA

Datrium, the industry’s leading Open Convergence platform for cloud builders, today announced that it has secured $55 million in Series C financing led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), with return investment by Lightspeed Venture Partners, as well as funding from a third, outside investor. This new financing brings Datrium’s total raised to more than $110 million since inception and provides a deep war chest to continue scaling sales, marketing, support and engineering to bring the benefits of Open Convergence and its flagship product, DVX, to cloud builders around the world.

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