Cloud Backup

The easiest and most efficient SaaS backup service in the public cloud

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  • Easy to use, converged SaaS DR and Backup – eliminate point backup solutions
  • Complete protection for all your VMware workloads
  • Cost-effective, forever-incremental, globally deduped, and compressed storage on AWS S3
  • Quick ransomware recovery with instant RTO – restore from recent immutable snapshots or deep backups

Customers Love Our Products

“Datrium Cloud Backup provided a budget-friendly option for the insurance we’d get with offsite backup. At the same time, we can generate and restore snapshots much faster, and have the capacity to store more data for longer – giving us greater peace of mind that we can meet users’ needs.”

– Jeff Cunningham, Director of Information Systems, University of Maryland

The Easiest, Most Cost-Effective SaaS Backup to S3

SaaS Built-in Backup

Cloud Backup is automatically included with Datrium DRaaS and eliminates the need for point backup solutions, which simplifies operations and reduces cost. Backups can be scheduled every few minutes, every hour, every day – whatever frequency makes sense for your business.

Rapid Recovery from Ransomware and Disasters

As a component of Datrium DRaaS, Cloud Backup enables instant recovery of VMs directly from AWS S3 to VMware Cloud on AWS. VMs are stored in their native format, eliminating brittle VM conversions and lengthy rehydration periods. Each instance of Cloud Backup can manage over a million backups, allowing a deep set of recovery points for situations ranging from operational file recovery to ransomware protection.


Always-on data reduction (deduplication and compression) and forever-incremental backups reduce S3 storage costs per month and egress recovery costs. Reduce egress costs. Only changed blocks are transferred across the WAN when storing and retrieving data.

Flexible Protection

Save backups for either DR or non DR use cases. Cloud backup can scale to petabytes of capacity.

Long-Term Retention

Retain backups for months or years in low-cost AWS S3. Easily retrieve backups from SaaS backup catalog.

How It Works

Protected Sites

Cloud Backup can protect and globally deduplicate across many independent on-premises and cloud production sites while restoring them to another on-premises site or to the cloud using DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Instant Restore

With DRaaS Live Mount, Cloud Backup snapshot images can be restarted directly in VMware Cloud on AWS. For an on-premises restore, only the changes are deduped and replicated from the cloud to on-premises data center.

Cost-Effective Backup

Cost-effective backup and recovery is designed into Cloud Backup using unique Datrium technologies, including always-on data efficiency, and forever-incremental backups are deduplicated and stored on S3.


Many protected sites can be combined with many cloud backup sites in different availability zones to customize a solution for you.

SaaS Offering

Cloud Backup is a fully managed SaaS offering from Datrium. We monitor and support all components of the system, including on-premises infrastructure and AWS.



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Cloud DVX: Elastic, Two-Layer Filesystem on AWS

At the heart of Cloud Backup is Cloud DVX, Datrium’s revolutionary two-layer filesystem with built-in storage, replication, and security. It runs on EC2 as a pure SaaS technology with automatic fault detection and recovery to resume any running replication tasks. When a new version of Cloud Backup software becomes available, the service infrastructure automatically detects and upgrades the software. Production sites can be backed up to multiple Cloud Backup instances across different Availability Zones (AZs) and Regions.


Datrium VPN is automatically configured to provide secure communications channels for all on-premises and cloud components without requiring any third-party VPN hardware or software. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is used to logically isolate Cloud Backup from other services, and firewall rules lock down all unnecessary ports. Cloud Backup uses an enterprise-grade SSL VPN to secure communications.


Cloud Backup uses S3 as a storage durability fabric in a forever-incremental compressed and globally deduplicated form. In the case of failure, the backups are instantly turned into live VMs.

AWS Lambda

Cloud Backup uses serverless Lambda functions to automate the initial deployment of various service components and subsequently monitor and autonomously heal all deployed services. All subnets, endpoints, gateways, and routing tables are automatically repaired on failures. If an AZ fails, Cloud Backup instances are automatically redeployed to another AZ.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup is a Datrium backup service with backups stored in AWS S3 in a native compressed and deduplicated form.

How can I start using Cloud Backup?

You configure your on-premises system to replicate your backups to a Cloud Backup target in the public cloud, similar to how you replicate to another physical site. All backup features continue to work with Cloud Backup: restore of protection groups, restore of individual VMs, file restore, etc. Cloud Backup is automatically included in DRaaS and can be purchased independently for backing up Datrium DVX.

How is Cloud Backup different from Veeam backups to AWS?

Because Datrium unifies primary storage and backup, Cloud Backup backups are always native at the storage level with no rehydration or data transformation, even in the cloud. Global deduplication ensures that the minimum data set is transferred. That's not the case for standalone backup products.


What are the options for buying Cloud Backup and the delivery mechanism?
Cloud Backup is a cloud service that can be acquired in three different ways:
  1. SaaS: Most customers buy Datrium Cloud Backup as a service running on AWS and manage it through their DVX vCenter plugin.
  2. DRaaS: Cloud Backup is included as a component of Datrium DRaaS. The customer gets a single bill from Datrium for Cloud Backup, DR orchestration with Datrium ControlShift, and any use of VMware Cloud on AWS for testing and actual DR failovers.
  3. Bring-Your-Own-Cloud (BYOC): Cloud Backup is deployed into a customer-provided AWS account. The customer is responsible for paying cloud infrastructure bills to the public cloud provider and Cloud Backup fees to Datrium.
Do I install Cloud Backup software in AWS, or is it a SaaS model?
There is nothing to install. Cloud Backup is a fully managed cloud backup service. You just need to activate it, which you can do online in minutes.
How much does Cloud Backup cost?

Cloud Backup is priced on a pay-per-use model. You pay for the amount of data you store (by the terabyte) and for the time you store it (by the month). Please contact us for specific pricing details.


Who do I call if my Cloud DVX isn’t working right?
At any time during your Cloud DVX subscription, you can call Datrium for support. Cloud DVX is a fully managed cloud backup service from Datrium so if something isn’t working right, it’s our job to fix it.
Do I need to call Datrium Support to recover my data from Cloud Backup?

No, you don’t need to call Support to recover your data from the cloud. You would use the global search capability built into Automatrix to find the backup you want to recover. Then you would restart your VM using that backup, and Cloud Backup would move any missing data back from the cloud directly to the host running the VM. Global deduplication and forever-incremental backups minimize the data that needs to be copied back.

If my systems are attacked by ransomware, can Datrium Support help me?

You can always call Datrium Support for help, but you can also use the ransomware protection that's included with every Datrium product. You simply search your global catalog of backups for a point in time before your system was infected. Then, you can instantly restore all your VMs at the same time, and you're back up and running.

See How We Do It

We can help your organization get modern DR in an easy-to-use SaaS solution that eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional DR solutions. We provide cloud-native, on-demand DR with instant RTO for all your VMware workloads. You can be confident that your data is secure in the cloud or on premises and protected against ransomware attacks.