Ashion Streamlines Compliance, Simplifies Management, and Cuts Costs with Datrium DRaaS Solution

“We saw that Datrium could radically improve our ability to meet compliance requirements for DR and business continuity at a fraction of the cost”

– Kevin Campbell, Vice President, IT Operations

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Ever-increasing compliance requirements put pressure on IT to improve DR and business continuity capabilities.


  • Faster, simpler compliance with CAP, CLIA, HIPAA, GDPR
  • Cut costs 50% by eliminating expensive secondary DR sites
  • Achieved instant RTO and RPO of less than 4 hours
  • Enhanced security and ransomware protection with tamperproof built-in backups for all virtual workloads
  • Replaced complex infrastructure with an easy-to-manage system
  • Accelerated the move to virtualization and the cloud

Company Challenge

Pass Compliance Audits with Less Effort, at Lower Costs

Every business has experienced the heartburn of compliance audits. In the healthcare industry, regulatory mandates are particularly stringent – and for good reason. Human lives depend on the integrity, privacy, and security of healthcare data.

Recently, regulators have increased their focus on disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity, in part because of the sharp rise in security threats such as ransomware. For Ashion, a clinical lab that provides genomic assessments for cancer testing, meeting compliance requirements for CAP, CLIA, HIPAA, and GDPR was becoming difficult and expensive.

“Companies like Ashion are falling under more and more regulatory scrutiny, so we needed to ensure that there were no gaps in our business continuity and DR capabilities,” said Kevin Campbell, Vice President of IT Operations. “It was becoming a fiscal concern as well as a heavy burden on the IT team.” Ashion needed a new approach that would streamline the compliance process, simplify IT management processes, and cut costs at the same time.


Datrium Brings Simplicity to Compliance and Continuity

The IT team at Ashion began evaluating new options for DR early in 2019. “This was a major strategic initiative for us, part of an overarching technology refresh program, and we were very meticulous in assessing our options,” said Mr. Campbell. Three vendors made it through the first round of the evaluation process, including Datrium. “We had already purchased the Datrium platform for backup, and we learned that it could also offer DRaaS (DR as a Service) with VMware Cloud on AWS,” said Mr. Campbell. “We then did two-week POCs with each vendor, and we were most impressed with Datrium.”

The key advantage of Datrium was simplicity. “It’s a cloud-native design with built-in backup, and they showed us how it could deliver one-click, instant recovery. We were skeptical until we really put it through its paces. It did everything they claimed, and we saw how it would bridge the gaps in our DR coverage – at a fraction of the cost of alternatives,” Mr. Campbell said.

The Datrium platform also simplified the compliance process. “It enabled us to provide a report to auditors that showed what we tested, how we tested, and what the results were. The process is painless, and it’s easy to walk through an orchestration or a run book.“

Raising Operational Efficiency Through Virtualization

Operational efficiency was another critical factor in the decision to go with Datrium, according to Mr. Campbell. “We don’t have a large IT staff, so anything that requires a lot of care and feeding is off the table. What made the Datrium solution so appealing was the easy integration with VMware. It combines ease of management and ease of scale, and that’s a huge advantage for Ashion,” he said.

Mr. Campbell had decided to virtualize the IT environment and found that Datrium could facilitate that process. “We had reached a point where spinning up the physical iron for each and every little requirement was unacceptable,” he said. “We wanted to get as close to 100% virtualized as possible, as quickly as possible. Datrium made that easier and provided features like built-in backups for virtualized workloads. We’re now about 85% virtualized, and almost all of the new applications we’re rolling out are virtualized. We’re speeding up our move to the cloud, and we’re much more agile as a result.”

“The business benefit for Ashion, and the real return on our investment in the Datrium platform, is that Ashion is now able to do business with a larger set of customers with heavier audit requirements.”

–Kevin Campbell, Vice President, IT Operations

Protecting Data Through Encryption at Rest

Another key advantage of the Datrium platform, according to Mr. Campbell, was its ability to provide encryption at rest for archived data. “The Datrium platform controls the encryption keys with an internal key manager, and data can be encrypted at rest on the Data Nodes without impacting WAN optimization. So the data is safe, and the process is efficient.”

A clinical lab has a lot of data to protect, as Mr. Campbell points out. “Ashion does computational analysis of genetic sequencing on a high-performance computing platform, and we provide reporting to physicians and researchers. That involves a lot of data – about half a petabyte – and with Datrium, we can increase the efficiency of storing that data while increasing our protection of that data.”

About Ashion

Ashion provides personalized options for cancer treatment. A TGen® clinical lab, Ashion is a CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified clinical genomics testing laboratory committed to accelerating the adoption of precision medicine in mainstream oncology. The company leverages years of scientific and clinical experience and offers a wide range of testing capabilities to assist physicians, health systems, research, and commercial partners in providing precision cancer treatments.

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