Cornerstone Automation Systems Cuts 80% of IT Equipment and Simplifies Backup with Datrium

“Moving to the Datrium platform gave us built-in backup and reduced the number of server and file issues by about 60%, and our downtime dropped on the order of 75%.

– Rick Gunter, IT Manager, Cornerstone Automation Systems

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Cornerstone Automation Systems needed faster, better backup capabilities with less complexity and equipment along with lower costs and workforce requirements. 



  • 80% reduction in equipment
  • Total cost savings of more than 50%
  • 60% fewer issues with servers and files
  • 80% less management time
  • 75% less downtime
  • 5x increase in universal power supply uptime

Company Challenge

Help IT Help Customers – and the Business

Cornerstone Automation Systems takes on some pretty complex technical challenges on behalf of its customers. The company is based in Frisco, Texas and specializes in automation systems for industrial environments, particularly conveyor-based systems in production plants. 

However, like most companies, Cornerstone Automation Systems has no appetite for complexity when it comes to core IT processes such as backup. Previously, the business had accumulated a hodge-podge of systems and needed to cut the cost and complexity of its environment. 

“We were having a tough time just keeping track of all the different equipment we had,” said IT Manager Rick Gunter. “When your business is all about making jobs more efficient for customers, you need to look at every opportunity to do so within your own company. That’s why we started looking for new solutions, and that’s how we found Datrium.”


Radical Reductions in Costs and Complexity

Previously, Cornerstone Automation Systems maintained multiple servers in a VMware environment, along with other physical devices. Because the company’s software engineers collaborate with customers and update the software remotely, backup can be a little complicated. 

“We had a server that allowed SAN connectivity, but backup was full-system backup, not at the file level, and that had to change,” said Gunter. “If you do a full-system backup for a single file, you might revert other files to a previous state, and obviously, that can’t happen.” 

Gunter was very careful about the vendor selection process. “I don’t make these decisions lightly,” he said. “I’ve got 38 years of experience in IT, and I’ve learned to look for best practices and proven solutions. We wanted to get this exactly right.” He received POCs and bids from two other vendors, then went with Datrium. 

“Datrium is one of the best systems I have seen in my 38 years as an IT professional. Our results have been awesome, and Datrium is a big part of our future plans.”

–Rick Gunter, IT Manager, Cornerstone Automation Systems

“Datrium’s solution was far more efficient and cost half as much, and as I looked into the details of their architecture, I was very impressed,” he said. With the Datrium platform, “we now have a full solution that makes the backup process simple, fast, and flexible. And that made it possible for us to get rid of a lot of the other equipment, improve our previous backup process, and make life easier for both our software engineers and our customers.”

In the process, the company saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on the networking equipment alone, according to Gunter. Cornerstone Automation Systems was also able to eliminate about 80% of its previous IT equipment, simplifying the environment, and further reducing costs.

Move Time to Focus on What Matters

Moving to the Datrium platform has saved critical time and effort for engineers as well as IT, according to Gunter. 

“Our engineers can now access everything they need much faster than before, and they don’t have issues or downtime like they did previously,” he said. “At the same time, I can maintain and manage everything faster, so I can think about future needs rather than react to the latest problem.”

According to Gunter, moving to the Datrium platform reduced the number of server and file issues by about 60%, and downtime dropped on the order of 75%.

Based on all financial factors, including licensing and support, Gunter estimates the Datrium platform will pay for itself within two years. “We’re on a five-year lease package with Datrium, and I’ll tell you right now that at the end of those five years, we’ll still be with Datrium. We have no intention of looking anywhere else.”

About Cornerstone Automation Systems

Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLC (CASI) designs, manufactures, installs and services state-of-the-art turnkey automation systems for pharmacy and warehouse fulfillment. They dive deep into their customers’ fulfillment processes and data to develop intelligent automated solutions that optimize their customers’ business flow.

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