We are here to help.
Call +1 (844) 528-9577 and press 2.

Customer Support Portal

Gain access to well-trained experienced professionals with deep product knowledge and real-world experience who can help your team resolve issues with the Datrium DVX. To contact a technical support engineer, call +1 (844) 528-9577 and press 2

Support Offerings

Online Suport Portal Access for all documentation, support management YES YES
Software Updates to current release, available through product GUI YES YES
Next Business Day parts replacement* YES N/A
4 hour parts replacement** N/A YES
* For NBD, parts must be identified by 3PM Pacific or the service will initiate the following business day.
** 4 hour parts replacement is available in defined locations where a local depot is setup, and if a local depot is not established spare parts will be made available onsite.

How we supported our customers

"Datrium support calls me before I know I have a problem in one of my switches, before the server vendor even notices – and we pay for 24×7 Pro support from them. That service level and time savings is a bonus we did not expect with the Datrium solution. Hands down, I would have to tell you that I have never received better support from any organization in my 35 years in IT – ever!"

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