Total Cost Of Ownership Calculator

Use this tool to estimate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a Datrium DVX system compared to an equivalent legacy storage array and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI).

Slide the virtual machine bar to select the size of your environment, and see how much you can save.

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Operating Costs FTW Admin $/Raw GB:
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Network costs (per port):

Compute Details Server Base Cost:
Server Cores:
vCPU to Core Oversubscription:
Server RAM (GB):
Server CPU ($/core):
Server RAM ($/GB):
Server Cache ($/GB):
Server Cache Size:
Server RUs:
Server Network Ports:
Server Power Consumption (kiloWatts):

DVX Details Expected Primary Data Reduction (existing):
Cloud DVX data reduction:
DVX Host CPU Consumption:
Data Node Usable Capacity:
DVX Host License Cost:
Data Node Cost:
Data Node Discount %:
Data Node Cost Discounted:
Cloud DVX net price (5TB/month):
DVX data node RUs:
DVX Data Node Ports:
DVX max cache per host usable:
DVX DN Power Consumption (KiloWatts):

Primary Storage Details Traditional Array Cost for Primary ($/GB usable):
Traditional array discount%:
Traditional Array Cost for Primary ($/GB):
Array Unit Capacity:
Array Ports:
Array RUs:
Array Power Consumption (KiloWatts):

HCI Details HCI cost for primary ($/GB usable):
HCI discount%:
HCI cost for primary ($/GB usable) #84:
HCI capacity:
HCI server cores:
HCI server RAM:
HCI ports:
HCI power consumption:

Backup Storage Details Traditional Backup System Cost ($/GB usable):
Traditional backup system discount%:
Traditional Backup System Cost ($/GB):
Backup Unit Capacity:
Backup Host CPU Consumption:
Backup Ports:
Backup RUs:
Backup Power Consumption (KiloWatts):

Tape Storage Details Traditional Tape System Cost ($/GB usable):
Traditional tape system discount%:
Traditional Tape System Cost ($/GB):
Tape Unit Capacity:
Tape Ports:
Tape RUs:
Tape Power Consumption (KiloWatts):

Savings with Datrium

vs. Legacy:

vs. HCI:

All Flash SAN
Separate Backup System
Separate Backup System
Datrium DVX
DVX with Built-In Backup

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