Ransomware: Top 3 Secrets Revealed – Watch Now

Ransomware: Top 3 Secrets Revealed – Watch Now

Datrium Automatrix Unifies Your Data Silos

Get primary storage and backup, disaster recovery orchestration, encryption, and mobility in a single powerful platform


Cloud DR Finally Done Right

Many have tried and failed, but enterprises can now use the public cloud as a viable Disaster Recovery site with Datrium DRaaS

 Until now, DR has been more disaster than recovery. With Datrium DRaaS, VMware users finally have a true DR option that works automatically and on-demand, regardless of the complexity of their environment. 

– Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, ESG

Liberate IT From Complexity

Solutions for On-Premises Data Centers and Private, Hybrid, and Public Clouds

DR Service

DRaaS provides failproof, on-demand DR with VMware Cloud on AWS

Orchestration Service

ControlShift provides failproof DR with instant recovery between sites and from AWS

Disaggregated HCI

DVX provides 10x better performance at scale along with built-in backup for instant RTO

Backup Service

Cloud DVX provides SaaS backup to AWS S3 for fast, cost-effective recovery of VMs

Improve Agility

67% Faster Deployment

Optimize Investment

5-month ROI payback

Mitigate Risk

85% Faster Recovery


“An elegant solution that delivers in all respects. Datrium sets an extremely high bar.”

— Manager – IT Technical Operations in the Energy and Utilities Industry


What Works with Automatrix?

We integrate with leading infrastructure and application technology partners, so you can safely work across private and public clouds.