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Public Cloud Made Simple

Datrium announces Cloud DVX for Simple, SaaS-based Backup and Recovery for AWS

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Expanding the Lineup

Datrium announces the Next Generation DVX with Flash End-to-End and World-Record IOmark Benchmark

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Challenges You Face


Insufficient Admin Time

Tedious storage and SAN management. Complex HCI cluster administration.


Performance and Uptime Complaints

Sluggish app response time. Downtime due to failures, mistakes or breaches.


Escalating Infrastructure Costs

Inefficient scaling of compute/storage resources. Discrete backup silos.

Datrium Simplifies

1Simpler than Hyperconverged

  • Zero HCI cluster configuration or cluster sprawl.
  • Independently and simply provision compute or storage.
  • Flexibly supports any mix of hosts or hypervisors.

2Faster than All Flash Arrays

  • Flash on the server where it is faster.
  • No controller bottlenecks
  • Performance scales with each server.

3No Backup Silos

  • One console for VM consolidation and data protection
  • Reduce management time for backup, DR, copy data management
  • Eliminate dedicated backup devices

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