Challenges You Face


Poor Application Service Levels

Unpredictable app response time; downtime due to failures, mistakes or breaches.


Insufficient Administration Time

Complex HCI cluster admin and sprawl, and tedious storage and backup management.


Escalating Infrastructure Costs

Server lock-ins, inefficient compute/storage scaling, and separate backup silos.

Converge, Consolidate, and Protect

Converging compute, primary and secondary storage, backup and DR to cloud

1Tier-1 Scale and Resilience

  • Scale 10X larger, faster — no cluster config, sprawl
  • Independent scaling of performance or capacity
  • Always-on RF3 tolerance
  • Server down never affects data

2Built-in Backup and DR

  • Rich VM policy and catalog infrastructure
  • Always-on erasure coding, global dedupe, compression
  • Encrypted in-use, in-flight, at-rest
  • RTO = Zero. Restart, don’t restore

3Cloud-Native Data Services

  • As-a-service simplicity 
  • Global cloud dedupe to minimize on wire/at rest cost
  • Differential and dedupe-aware restore direct to primary

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