2020 IT Industry Predictions – SaaS, Cloud Migration, and DR

Are you ready for our IT Industry Predictions? 2020 is well underway, and while we see significant changes in the IT industry, businesses are still operating with the same goals they had 100 years ago: grow the top line, reduce cost and risk, and move quickly. So what’s driving changes?

As technology evolves, the way we address issues and threats like ransomware have to change too. Modern problems require modern solutions, such as using SaaS applications and moving data to the cloud, to name a couple. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear Datrium CTO and Co-Founder, Sazzala Reddy, present his 2020 IT Industry Predictions for businesses and IT professionals, including why:


  • Mainstream enterprises will finally embrace DR in the cloud
  • SaaS products in the public cloud are an unstoppable trend
  • Companies have a multicloud strategy, and they want to make their applications cloud agnostic
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery strategies have to evolve


You’ll learn why SaaS models should be embraced; why on-prem isn’t dead but it’s evolving to include hybrid multicloud; and how you can leverage this technology to implement a failproof DR strategy. If you have questions after you watch the webinar, drop us a line.