Breakthroughs in DRaaS With VMware Cloud on AWS

DR is mostly a disaster, with no recovery. Datrium DRaaS is all about recovery.

Datrium DRaaS is a comprehensive cloud-based backup and disaster recovery service, with VMware Cloud on AWS, for the protection of on-premises systems.

Effective Cloud DR is like a unicorn: no one has actually seen it. At my previous company, DataDomain, we pioneered Dedupe and modernized the entire backup industry. A decade later, we are pioneering Cloud DR at Datrium. Datrium uniquely combines primary, backup, and DR orchestration into a single platform, with fully automated integration with VMware Cloud on AWS. This enables us to provide a seamless Cloud DR experience.



Here Are the Breakthroughs in DR

iPhone and iCloud provide an integrated experience in the consumer world. Enterprise IT now expects the same level of modernization from their infrastructure. Our DRaaS is designed to offer a modern end-to-end experience. I would like to highlight a few interesting elements that make our DRaaS offering unique and practical.


World’s 1st Software-Defined DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS

Datrium is the first to offer full backup and DR services with VMware Cloud on AWS. Datrium provides uniform data services on-premises and in the cloud, and VMware provides the consistent vSphere experience. Together, the sum is bigger than the individual parts. No scary VM conversions. In fact, you can’t tell the difference between a prem-to-prem failover versus a prem-to-cloud failover. It’s that smooth.


Serverless Cloud DR

Datrium DRaaS provides 10x cost efficiencies. A disaster is not a daily event. Why pay for servers and services in the cloud when you don’t need them. With Datrium DRaaS, you only pay for storing backups on cost-effective S3 with dedupe. We automatically spin up the SDDC servers in VMware Cloud on AWS when needed, and shut down the servers when they aren’t needed.


Eliminate Your 2nd Data Center

With DRaaS, you can now eliminate your second data center. You don’t have to worry about power, cooling, installing hardware, upgrading software, etc. All of the mundane chores, costs, and complexity are eliminated. You can simply leverage Datrium DRaaS for cost-effective cloud backups and on-demand DR.


Failproof DR Guarantee

We give customers the confidence that their DR failover is going to work when they really need it. Because our platform converges primary, backup, and DR, we’re in a unique position to execute continuous compliance checks every 30 minutes. Rigorous end-to-end checks are executed to ensure that the DR plans are healthy, and nothing is broken to invalidate the plans or the systems. Your DR plan will be audit-ready all the time.


Atomic Snapshots For Ransomware Recovery

Cybercrime is everywhere, and everyone needs a way to recover from it. Datrium DRaaS offers deep backup copies. All group VM snapshots are atomic, meaning they are all snapshotted at the same point of time. When doing a ransomware recovery from older backups, all VMs are consistent with each other. Traditional backup software cannot achieve this atomicity.


One-Click “Failback”

Failover is not enough.  You also need a safe failback. I’m surprised that after a decade of dedupe popularity, most storage vendors still don’t have WAN dedupe. The negative consequence is that failback will trigger a full resend of data over WAN back to the production site, costing time and money. Additionally, there aren’t any back-and-forth VM conversions. Datrium makes failback as seamless as failover.


Replicate in Reverse Time Order

All storage systems replicate snapshots in time order, one after the other. If there is a network lag, then the whole replication falls behind until the snapshots catch up one after the other. However, for DR, you want the latest snapshot and not an old stale one. Datrium does something very different and useful.  Datrium will skip snapshots to replicate the latest snap if there is a network lag, and then it replicates the older snaps slowly in the background. You can get more details in this article.


Summary: Cloud DR Done Right

We built Automatrix, a multicloud data plane platform (primary, backup, and DR) to run on any cloud in the most cost-effective way. You get the same uniform experience no matter where you take your data. We provide a future-proof data platform that changes with you as you adopt different clouds without having to refactor your apps. Our mission is to deliver a streamlined multicloud experience and freedom for you. Cloud DRaaS is a concrete and important outcome of our multicloud data plane.