Chapter 3: Stone Age vs. Space Age DR

We’ve looked at what makes DR so hard, and why backup isn’t the same thing as DR. Now, let’s see what it means to “modernize” DR. How do you move from the slow, manual, complex legacy DR solutions to agile, virtualized, cloud-based SaaS?

Start by recognizing which aspects of your DR solution are still in the Stone Age. Evaluate your DR plans honestly.

  1. Do you have a fully mapped-out DR plan? 
  2. Do you have specific RPO and RTO targets? 
  3. Is your current DR plan overly complex? 
  4. Are you constantly stitching together primary and backup data centers, backup solutions, and encryption technologies? 

Next, determine whether your current DR solution takes advantage of any advanced capabilities. 

  1. Does it leverage the cloud for storage that’s both cheap and deep? 
  2. Does it have a flexible pay-as-you-go model? 
  3. Can it deliver one-click failover? 
  4. Is it automated? 
  5. Can it be easily reconfigured to accommodate new elements? 
  6. Can it handle both planned and unplanned outages?

After you’ve read this chapter, you’ll see why modernizing your DR plan is a no-brainer. The question is how. And that’s the subject of our next post. Or jump-start your journey by reading the whole guide now.

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