Chapter 6: Enable Effortless DR by Unifying Data Silos

No question, IT infrastructure is more fragmented. The problem is how to unify all of the silos of data that threaten to undermine your multi-cloud vision.

You need a platform that combines data silos, provides a consistent operational experience, and has a common data management platform whether the data is on premises or in the cloud. What you need is a revolution in data management and workload mobility.

The Datrium Automatrix platform is the catalyst for that revolution. It unifies five critical data functions in a single platform:

  • Primary storage from the best of SAN storage to hyperconverged storage architectures
  • Backup which has needed modernization for years now
  • DR, which has been limited by its complexity and inefficiency until now
  • Mobility so you can move workloads and data from cloud to cloud at will
  • Encryption which has been messy and came with significant trade-offs

Learn more about the Datrium Automatrix platform by reading Chapter 6. And keep an eye out for our next post where we’ll describe how to make the “promise” and “potential” of modern DR a reality for your organization.

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