Cloud Field Day 2019 – It’s a Wrap

Last Friday, Datrium participated in Cloud Field Day which focused on how Datrium’s technology converges data services onto a single platform to give enterprises a simple, secure, consistent experience across their on-premises and multi-cloud environments. It was a great event with lots of good information shared. In case you missed us live, we’ve included all the presentations below. 


Datrium Overview with CEO, Tim Page

“Datrium was formed before multi-cloud was even a term. We had to think through where data was going to be in five years and built the solution with brilliant engineers.”


Make Multi-Cloud Work for Enterprises with Founder and CTO, Sazzala Reddy

“Ensuring an experience of simplicity and consistency for our customers is our number one aim.”

Datrium Cloud Mobility Orchestration Service with Director of Product Management, Tushar Agrawal

“CloudShift orchestrates data mobility across environments. It’s one service that can give you many use cases, including disaster and cybercrime recovery intelligent migration, testing and analytics.”

Demo and Technology Deep Dive with Datrium Co-Founder and Chief Architect, Boris Weissman

This detailed live demo and technology deep dive, included a demonstration proving you can recover a VM from a disaster in only four short clicks.