Cradlepoint Chooses Datrium DRaaS to Extend Security and Business Continuity Preparedness

Cradlepoint is a global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions for branch, mobile, and IoT networks. The IT team wanted to increase its preparedness for outages and ransomware attacks by simplifying and accelerating recovery times.


A Goal of Zero Downtime and Zero Intrusions

Preparing for outages and security breaches is an increasingly critical part of IT’s charter, particularly in the face of ever-expanding and evolving malware threats such as ransomware. “Like almost every company, we have experienced attacks in the last two years, and we continually improve our defense against security threats and outages of all types,” said Brandon Ashey, Director of IT and Security for Cradlepoint. “Our goal is nothing less than zero downtime and zero intrusions.”


Radical Improvement in Recovery Speed, Efficiency, and Reliability

Cradlepoint began evaluating new options for backup and DR because its existing solution was too cumbersome and dependent on physical systems and locations. 

Ashey shared the appeal of Datrium Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with VMware Cloud on AWS: “It’s a cloud-based solution, so it removed the need to maintain physical infrastructure or rely on a physical backup site,” he said. With DRaaS, failover and failback are instant, one-click processes, so RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is very low, according to Ashey. Cradlepoint achieved these results using DRaaS:

  • One-click failover
  • Significantly lower RTO
  • No more dependency on a physical backup site
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Cut the number of vendor licenses
  • Single, integrated solution for DR and backup
  • Ability to back up virtual machines (VMs) and critical file-share data

Read the full case study to see how Cradlepoint succeeded in meeting its goals.

The backups are phenomenally more reliable than our previous solution. The backup job used to timeout or fail several times a week. With the built-in cloud backup in DRaaS, we haven’t had a single failure.

– Brandon Ashey, Director, Information Technology and Security, Cradlepoint

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