San Francisco 49ers draft Datrium to play offense and defense

In case you missed the news, Datrium was just named the Official Converged Infrastructure of the San Francisco 49ers. The NFL is all about the win on Sunday, which takes an entire week of careful preparation by everyone on the roster. As the newest member of the 49ers IT team, Datrium’s offensive game plan will focus on helping coaches make faster draft-day and game-time decisions, while the defensive game plan will focus on protecting critical 49er assets.

Datrium DVX serves the scouting database as well as 4K game video to 49er coaches with the lowest latency in the NFL for quicker decisions in real time. In this business, speed is as important on the field as it is in the data center. DVX also protects priceless IT assets like the photographic history of the 49ers franchise with the best encryption and verification of any infrastructure in professional football.

Enough talk, let’s see this rookie in action.

Welcome to the San Francisco 49ers data center and the newest home to Datrium DVX.

Getting the job done on the field and off is all about a great team—Datrium has that with Jim Bartholomew and his expert staff in 49ers IT.

Two Datrium systems replaced eight arrays and several servers, eliminating multiple racks of equipment and replacing it with three quarters of a rack (32U).

Shown below are two DVX systems configured in separate power domains.  Each DVX can support up to 128 servers, or Compute Nodes (in black), and up to 10 Data Nodes (in white).

So when Sunday comes around this Fall or trade deadlines approach, keep in mind that not all the team’s competitive advantages are listed on the roster. Some are doing sprint intervals in milliseconds deep inside Levi’s Stadium!