Why Datrium DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS Is Your Best Defense Against Ransomware

We’ve packed a lot of information into this blog post series: we’ve shown you the stats about the rising threat of ransomware attacks, described how attackers get in and get paid, and examined how hackers target their victims. 

Now, for the final post, I’ll introduce you to an innovation that can actually eliminate the threat of ransomware attacks. It’s called Datrium Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with VMware Cloud on AWS. It provides instant RTO that completely thwarts the goal of the attackers. And it’s available only from Datrium. 

When you compare DRaaS to traditional DR solutions, the distinct advantages of our cloud-native approach are clear. 

You’ll recall from my previous post that DR is a common defense against the threat of ransomware. However, traditional DR is simply not effective in most cases, for several reasons. 


Traditional DR is:

  • Too slow because legacy backup processes are piecemeal, multi-point, and manual, creating friction and delays. RTOs typically range from hours to days.
  • Too complicated because failover touches a massive web of applications, servers, networks, and storage elements in multiple locations.
  • Too expensive because secondary hot sites require CapEx, and storage costs are high.
  • Too unreliable because data and processes are not tamper-proof, and compliance checks are not frequent or consistent enough.


Datrium has transformed the legacy DR process into a fast, secure, easy-to-use SaaS product that provides one-click, on-demand, failproof DR – it’s pay-as-you-go and eliminates the need for secondary DR sites and expensive physical infrastructure. 

DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS is the only DR solution that completely overcomes all of the limitations of previous approaches and prevents successful ransomware attacks. 


Here’s a quick summary of how it works. 

  1. There’s a simple UI for setting up backup policies and DR runbooks. Just pick whatever timeframe makes sense for your business.
  2. Backups are stored in their native VM format on low-cost, secure S3 storage on AWS.
  3. Compliance checks run automatically every 30 minutes to ensure your DR plan works when you need it.
  4. When disaster strikes, you just click a button to execute on-demand failover to the cloud.
  5. Backups are instantly powered on for instant RTO.
  6. IT teams can use their familiar vCenter tools for cloud management, so there’s no learning curve.
  7. When the disaster is over, failback is fast and simple: deduplicated data is compressed and sent automatically back to the data center.


The built-in security and instant recovery capabilities of DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS are extremely discouraging to would-be ransomware attackers. They can’t extort your money because even after a successful attack they won’t be able to disrupt your operations.

In addition to eliminating the threat of ransomware attacks, your company benefits from DRaaS in many other ways, including: 


  • 10x more cost-efficient DR because you only pay for DR when you need it. No more remote DR sites or physical storage systems.
  • Instant RTO and no rehydration as ESX hosts directly mount a live NFS datastore hosted in AWS.
  • Peace of mind because compliance and health checks occur automatically every 30 minutes, so you know your DR plan will work when needed.
  • Simplified management of cloud, on-premises, and DR sites with familiar vCenter tools; no more time-consuming VM disk format conversions.
  • One unified solution that delivers everything you need for failproof, on-demand DR to the public cloud.  


To learn more about how to build your DR strategy plans and use our cloud-native DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS solution, join us for an upcoming webinar, read our Ransomware Recovery Stories, and contact us if you have questions or would like to see a demo.