Ransomware Recovery @ the Edge

Ransomware does not discriminate. A decentralized enterprise has many Edge sites at remote offices, retail outlets, manufacturing sites, etc. Ransomware attacks at Edge sites pose a significant danger to these enterprise operations.


Micro Data Centers @ the Edge

Many of these Edge sites are leveraging the concept of a micro data center. It’s a data center in a box to simplify operations. The Edge sites generally have the following characteristics:

  1. Limited IT skill level
  2. Low network bandwidth to the cloud
  3. But, yet, business continuity (RTO) is important


A decentralized enterprise with ROBO Edge sites

A decentralized enterprise with ROBO Edge sites


These micro data centers also need an offsite data protection strategy. IT teams can do that by either sending backups to the cloud or another main data center. In case of a disaster (natural disaster or ransomware attack), the Edge data center can be recovered quickly either in the cloud or at the main data center. However, in some Edge sites, there is a need to recover quickly at the local site to avoid business interruption. And because of low network bandwidth and/or because of a compromised WAN network, there’s a strong desire to be able to recover locally without having to rely on offsite backup copies.

How can you do that elegantly, so the data protection strategy doesn’t rely on complex IT operations at the Edge sites, and without a lot of cost?


DRaaS for Edge Environments

Datrium provides DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS for all VMware workloads at enterprise data centers. We’re now extending that product to protect Edge sites by enabling enterprises to store backups both locally and in the cloud, giving them the choice of recovery path based on WAN bandwidth. It’s a modern disaster recovery software for Edge environments and remote office/branch office (ROBO) deployments.


Datrium DRaaS for Edge environments

Datrium DRaaS for Edge environments, with local backup copies


Datrium DRaaS for Edge environments is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, SaaS solution that provides organizations, which are operating remote sites, with data protection and disaster recovery for all VMware workloads. IT teams can create an onsite backup copy of data, and they can recover locally or failover on demand to Datrium DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS, in the event of a ransomware attack or other disasters.

It’s a software-only solution, and everything is managed from a SaaS portal, making it easy for central IT to deploy and manage 100s or 1000s of Edge sites. Automatic over-the-air updates reduce the need for IT to babysit manual software upgrades across sites, and IT executes recovery with 1-click runbook automation.

Datrium DRaaS for Edge environments is easy to use, safe and secure, low cost, and low touch.



Global DR and Backup Strategy For Every Business

Ransomware Global Business

IT teams can manage and deploy DRaaS for Edge from a central location, which simplifies remote site management. DRaaS for Edge integrates seamlessly with DRaaS, so IT teams can protect all of their VMware workloads using global backup and on-demand DR.


Learn More

We’re ready to show you how DRaaS for Edge will work in your remote locations. Join us for our webcast on May 28th at 10am PT | 1pm ET. If you’d like to discuss your DR plans, simply request a demo, and we’ll get in touch.