The Future is SaaS for DR & Business Continuity

The convenience and on-demand economics of SaaS products in the public cloud have made it an unstoppable trend. With the recent increase in the number of remote workers, many companies are increasing their focus on DR. The choice of a SaaS model for disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) has become a reality. It’s a viable solution for many organizations that simply can’t afford downtime. 

Sazzala ReddyDatrium and VMware recently teamed up to present a webcast on how IT leaders have gained confidence in their DR/BC strategies by adopting a one-click SaaS experience. Sazzala Reddy, Co-Founder and CTO at Datrium, and Jason Crandall, Staff Cloud Solution Engineer at VMware, discussed how to:

  • Leverage a centralized DR/BC strategy for any VMware workloadJason Crandall
  • Achieve instant recovery time objectives (RTO) for ransomware or any other type of disaster
  • Lower DR costs by 10x with an on-demand SaaS model for DR/BC using the public cloud



Q: Are there any bandwidth or latency requirements between the on-premises site and the cloud?
A: It’s no different than when you’re replicating from one site to a secondary data center. If your change rate per day is 1 TB, then you need to have the bandwidth that will allow you to replicate 1 TB of data and meet your RPO and SLA requirements.

Q: Does Datrium provide the AWS account, or does the customer have to provide one?
A: There are options, but customers prefer that we provide an AWS account and manage it for them. They get one bill for all components from Datrium.

Q: Do I have to install any hardware, or is this a cloud-based solution?
A: There is no hardware involved. It’s a completely SaaS-based product. We handle policy and software updates.


Watch On Demand

You can watch this webcast now to learn about DR/BC strategies and hear the full Q&A discussion. 

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