The Gift of Feedback – and Amazing Customers

There’s an old adage that says feedback is a gift. I believe that’s true, and recently, the team at Datrium received an extremely valuable gift from a select group of customers. We held our first customer roundtable and it was truly amazing. We were so fortunate to have technology leaders take time out of their busy schedules to give us feedback on a wide variety of issues, including our roadmap, challenges and opportunities they face, and what it takes to be a strategic vendor, or even better, a true partner to their business which is very important to us.

Coming together for greatness

We started our session with an inspirational talk by Ronnie Lott, three-time Super Bowl champion and Datrium investor. Ronnie has a ton of heart and stressed the importance of coming together as leaders, giving it your all, and delivering greatness – all while enjoying the journey. For 49ers fans, he also shared some funny anecdotes about Jerry Rice, and the most important thing he learned on Dancing with the Stars – the art of the dip.

Convergence is key

Convergence of the five critical functions of data management; primary storage, backup, disaster recovery, mobility and encryption is critical to driving IT transformation and effectively managing the data plane. Customers told us that they were quickly and happily consolidating their technology silos in order to take full advantage of Automatrix.

Disaster recovery is critical

We then transitioned into discussions on the roadmap. We heard consistent feedback that disaster recovery is critically important for various reasons, including compliance requirements, natural disasters, and the threat of ransomware, just to name a few. The threat of losing data and making headline news, as a result, was definitely top of mind. For many, there was a strong desire to have disaster recovery in the cloud, but the cloud isn’t for everyone. For some, understanding the exact cost of a solution and keeping data close had greater appeal. What was consistent was a desire to have the flexibility to decide and the agility to move data where they want it, when they want it. That’s exactly what Datrium Automatrix enables with DVX, Cloud DVX, and ControlShift.

DevOps isn’t for everyone

We also had a spirited discussion about DevOps, and it quickly became clear that this term and even the approach aren’t for everyone. There were concerns that without guidelines and standards for Dev, things can quickly go sideways. It’s imperative that development teams and infrastructure teams work together to ensure that applications don’t get locked into specific platforms or cloud providers accidentally. It’s also important that DevOps teams select the right components for the application while balancing speed of development and ongoing application management and maintenance. Just because an app developer can get some open source components from GitHub, doesn’t mean they should. However, infrastructure/operations teams do want to enable the agility that developers crave – like the ability to take development workloads to the cloud and then bring them back on-premises again. Fortunately, with Datrium Automatrix, we enable that flexibility in the test/development process.

Built for the enterprise

We discussed some of the themes in our roadmap around performance and systems management. These are important capabilities for our customers, and we saw great alignment with our plans to deliver even more in these categories over the coming months. Some customers were pleasantly surprised to learn we had published APIs to help them clone virtual machines, take snapshots, and more. They were also very happy to see we had created a new best practices document to simplify and streamline installations.

We are excited to be able to share more about our plans for systems management, metrics and reporting, as well as performance improvements in the near future.

What it means to be a strategic partner

Finally, we spent time discussing what it means to be a strategic partner to our customers. A strategic partner is like being the sixth player on an NBA team. Many of the customers said we’ve already achieved that because we take the time to truly understand their business and help them strategize about how to achieve their objectives. Our goal is to be a strategic partner to all of our customers.

We truly appreciate the time all of our customers take to share their feedback with us. If you would like to share your comments, drop us a line.