How much would you save? Try the new Datrium TCO Calculator!

Many companies claim to have the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) but it really comes down to providing it for each particular customer situation. That’s why Datrium created a TCO calculator so potential customers and partners could estimate the savings of implementing Datrium.

The user simply slides the bar to the number of virtual machines in their environment and BOOM, the calculator estimates the 3-year TCO savings of using Datrium compared to legacy storage arrays and HCI alternatives.

The assumptions that we have used are identified within the calculator, however, if you have different assumptions, please submit your contact information at the bottom of the web page and we will be happy to create a custom TCO analysis for you. Some prospective customers have asked me where the savings come from? It really boils down to three core Datrium advantages:

  1. Providing higher performance with fewer resources by using local host SSDs to store all server application and virtual machine data.
  2. World-class data efficiency with always-on data reduction & durability including global deduplication, compression and inline double protection erasure coding.
  3. Converging primary and backup data on a single system, eliminating separate backup systems to save lots of time and money.

In the end, having a single system to run and protect your critical applications across primary, backup, and DR reduces your initial purchase expenses (Capex) and ongoing operational costs like administration, power, space, cooling and network over the useful life of the system.

Try our TCO calculator out and let us prove we can save you money.