Leading Insurance Provider Gains Speed and Agility for Less

Ohio National Financial Services provides insurance and financial protection products through a network of financial professionals across 49 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. With availability, performance, and security driving the IT team’s decisions for any infrastructure upgrades, they began to run into limitations with their server and storage environment. For instance, end users were experiencing unacceptable latency with their primary revenue-generating app, but they were challenged to upgrade their systems to meet their new performance and DR goals due to the prohibitive cost of a full hardware swap. 

In fact, until he spoke with a Datrium rep, Bruce Seaman, Senior Compute Storage Engineer, was sure the only solution to upgrade their environment was to invest half a million dollars.

“[With Datrium] we met more objectives than we even planned for 40% less cost than expected.”
-Bruce Seaman, Sr. Computer Storage Engineer

Read here how Datrium’s Automatrix platform  allowed Seaman and his team to meet all of their objectives including:

  • Increase capacity and performance (adding host flash)
  • Implement storage automation
  • Enable on-host, in-flight, and at-rest blanket encryption
  • Reduce management time (one storage pool)
  • Simplify replication (co-location site)

You too can meet all your IT infrastructure objectives while enjoying unprecedented speed, agility, and efficiency in a single, secure platform without the big price tag.