Looking Back at 2019 – Top 5 Blog Posts

In 2019, we brought you disaggregated HCI with DVX, DRaaS to fight ransomware and natural disasters, and shared our vision of how data management will be handled efficiently and at lower costs. Enterprises can now use the public cloud for failproof on-demand DR with VMware Cloud on AWS for all VMware workloads running in the cloud and on premises. 

DVX is the industry’s fastest and most resilient DHCI system, with built-in Blanket Encryption, backup, market-leading cost efficiency, and seamless integration with Datrium DRaaS. It delivers 10x lower DR costs because you only pay when disaster strikes or for testing.

In case you missed it, here are our top 5 blog posts:


Cloud-Style Disaggregated HCI (DHCI)
by Brian Biles

Datrium has built our data plane software layer on clouds with the elasticity and portability of other emerging implementers in cloud databases. It required a significant investment in two clouds (VMware Cloud on AWS and AWS itself) along with serverless administrative infrastructure. It turns out this data plane is also the best way to run infrastructure on premises. Our on-prem system is DVX, a Disaggregated HCI (DHCI) system, supporting any third-party host with vSphere or bare-metal Linux (KVM or containers).


How Should DR Work in a SaaS World?
by Sazzala Reddy

Most innovations in the enterprise vendor landscape are no longer just “cloud-first,” but more “cloud-only.” Enterprises are reevaluating their DR plans because traditional methods are falling short. Unlike traditional software, Datrium DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS is fully automated and doesn’t require manual upgrades, maintenance, etc. Read this blog to learn how you can deploy a centralized DR strategy for VMware workloads running anywhere.


Datrium DR-as-a-Service Networking with VMware Cloud
by Andre Leibovici

During VMworld, Datrium launched a unique DRaaS solution completely integrated into VMware Cloud on AWS. At a high-level DRaaS is a complete DR solution offered as a subscription that leverages the VMware Cloud and native Datrium cloud-based backups to deliver a fully-orchestrated low cost, low RPO, and lower RTO disaster recovery for VMware customers.


Breakthroughs in DRaaS With VMware Cloud on AWS
by Sazzala Reddy

Effective Cloud DR is like a unicorn: no one has actually seen it. At my previous company, DataDomain, we pioneered Dedupe and modernized the entire backup industry. A decade later, we are pioneering Cloud DR at Datrium. Datrium uniquely combines primary, backup, and DR orchestration into a single platform, with fully automated integration with VMware Cloud on AWS. That enables us to provide a seamless Cloud DR experience.


The Future of IT: Autonomous Data Services
by Sazzala Reddy

The future of digital transformation requires autonomous data services to deliver instant and frictionless outcomes for enterprises and their customers. The success of modern technology is measured not only by what it can do but also what it can eliminate. Autonomous data services liberate IT teams from repetitive and routine tasks, and it accelerates their efforts to innovate and evolve at speed.

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We wish you a festive holiday and joyous 2020.