Making Data Infrastructure as Portable as the Data

CIOs want workload, data and license portability across clouds and hardware types to control risks.  Welcome to Datrium Forward Software Subscriptions. Download the datasheet now for additional details.

Datrium Forward

Datrium’s software stack is already portable across any leading host type on prem.  On clouds, we currently support AWS, and we will add more clouds over time.

Our customers want the same portability across all our platforms that they have today on our host licenses.  To achieve this, we’ve just introduced the Forward Software subscription program.  Forward is a way to look at Datrium software assets holistically, across all the transitions we’re imagining in the future.  We are not the first to try something like this — Microsoft and others have been exploring related ideas for other types of software — but it’s a sharp break from enterprise storage and backup products, where software value is stuck in a box.


Starting now, all Datrium software now is available as software subscription that will work across systems or clouds, with clear unit definitions, and a clear time horizon.  We’ve gotten away from bundles of software and hardware because it makes change management more difficult for customers by trapping value in the sheet metal.

It’s pretty simple.  Our host software is priced per host/year, regardless of number of sockets or drive configurations (unlike HCI appliances).  Our Data Node software is priced per TB/year, regardless of media type (unlike arrays, or HCI appliances).  Software support is bundled in this price, like SaaS.  If we provide hardware for turnkey support, it’s at commodity prices.

Datrium Forward FundamentalsOn clouds, it will be the same or with simple mappings.  Our Cloud DVX backup vault on S3 is already per TB/year.

So when you want to change from prem to cloud, cloud to cloud, or even on prem from one type of hardware to another, a multi-year license and support package continues forward simply.  There’s no repurchasing or haggling required.

Our software includes a lot – the world’s highest performance primary storage pool for VMs at scale, built-in backup, universal dedupe, always-on efficiency and durability, blanket encryption, cloud DR – and doing business the Forward way clarifies the value and benefits you are considering.

Starting with this program, we’re in the software renewals business.  That also means that for us to succeed, our customers have to continue to love us over time, which sets all the right incentives in place for us.

Hardware at Commodity Rates

It’s also super clear.  For customers who want our support for a turnkey deployment, we’ll provide hardware at a no-haggle, commodity price.

Hardware at Commodity RatesCommodity hardware pricing also has some interesting optics.  For example, if you want to buy an all-flash array appliance from a leading vendor, list price might start at $14k / TB.  It’s opaque; how much of that is software?   How much is an allocation for a controller upgrade program, years from now?

By contrast, a Dell MD1420 JBOD with 24 x 1.92 TB SAS drives has a web price of $43.6k (3/1/19), or <$1k / TB.  A flash Data Node from Datrium is now $43.4k — with similar drives, but adding redundant electronics and NVRAM.  In either case, these hardware alternatives are about a 15x difference from an AFA.

Great Start

Great StartGet started with an overall Best Month Ever guarantee – if you don’t like your Datrium DVX for any reason in the first 31 days, return it for a full refund, no questions asked.   We’re confident you’ll love it.  This is by far the strongest guarantee in the converged infrastructure world.

In accounting math, most of Datrium’s offering is now software/time, which is naturally an Opex purchase.  3-year or 5-year packages can in many cases be approached like a capital expense.  While tax and accounting treatment can vary by market, this allows maximum flexibility.

As you grow, an on prem Datrium system is elastically expandable in separate increments: hosts (storage speed), and Data Nodes (capacity).  We call this Split Provisioning.  You can start with one host, and grow incrementally to 128 in the same shared-data pool, with more than a PB of average effective capacity.  Multiple VM clusters and vCenters can participate in this consolidation, so you don’t have the management sprawl of many small HCI clusters.

So if you refresh a host, its storage goes faster automatically – you don’t need to upgrade appliance controllers over time, or have us bury the cost of such a thing in our pricing.

Refresh Forward

In the end, commodities are always getting refreshed in the tech world.  Cloud suppliers can refresh what they do behind the scenes to your benefit,Refresh Forward and hardware is always getting a little better.  Datrium Forward Software lets you take the best advantage of fresh commodities when you’re ready.

As you renew your Datrium software, it will renew Flat Forward.  We will not be playing the 90’s SAN game of jacking up the price for support renewals to force you to rebuy the software and hardware.  If you decide to refresh or upgrade hardware we’ve provided, the software subscription continues forward independently.

And of course, if you move capacity to the cloud and want your licenses to transfer to support it, we’ve got you covered.

Read the press release to learn more.