Meeting the IT Demands of the ‘Instant Economy’ Amazon, Netflix and Google Created

Amazon, Google, Netflix, and others have set the bar for the new instant economy where customers expect instant outcomes right now, in mere seconds. The new instant economy has forced enterprises from all industries to quickly become software and data companies that can offer up the on-demand services that their customers expect. The “instant economy” expectations have forced enterprise IT to become highly agile and efficient despite their legacy and disparate systems and limited budgets.

“Instant services” involve running, securing and protecting and often recovering applications and data with speed and agility.  So, if you, like other enterprise IT managers, need the assurance that you can run, protect, secure and recover your applications quickly, without issue and at a low cost, what do you do?

Hint: For starters you need to run, protect, secure and recover from a single platform, rather than working with separate silos.

In this informative 28-min ActualTech Media MegaCast, Greg Kleiman, a cloud infrastructure expert at Datrium walks you through the steps IT can take to meet modern ‘instant economy’ demands.