New Tier 1 HCI Finally Provides Oracle DBAs Insane Performance and Built-in Resiliency

Oracle DBAs that want to provide RAC (Real Application Clustering) solutions on VMware vSphere virtualization now have a viable option to get insane performance and built-in protection for both their on-site and backup to the cloud (AWS S3) options. They need look no further than using the tier 1 HCI platform with built-in backup by Datrium.

With the latest version of the tier 1 HCI platform (DVX 4.0), virtualizing Oracle databases on Datrium DVX can now take advantage of the real-time resiliency built into Oracle RAC configurations.

Benefits of this solution include:

  • Greater resiliency to individual component failures
    • clustering Oracle virtual machines across the physical hosts provides even greater resiliency and uptime for the application against hardware issues.
  • Improved hardware flexibility and mobility of software elements
    • virtual machines can be easily moved as needed for hardware updates, upgrades or basic administration
  • Better performance and leverage of the resources
    • Datrium DVX uses local host flash storage for reduced latencies and overall better performance of the database
  • Improved protection levels of the infrastructure and data
    • Built in backup with snapshot and replication capabilities integrated with the primary database storage system
    • Advanced data services (erasure coding, compression and deduplication) along with end-to-end encryption of all DVX components provide a robust and secure platform

With the flexible physical host selection possibilities of the Open Converged approach it is easier to design environments for production needs as well as development and test activities on the same solution but on server hardware (Compute Nodes) appropriate for the budget and the task. The shared back end data handling (Data Nodes) with efficient snapshot provides an optimal mechanism for protecting and sharing Oracle data across the teams and sites as needed.

Datrium joined up with House of Brick consultants to review, test, and document the basics around a supported 4 node Oracle RAC solution on DVX. The details can be found in this technical report.

For more information about running your virtualized Oracle databases (clustered or not) on Datrium DVX please visit the Oracle Solutions area of the Datrium website.