The Next Evolution of Backup

When a new technology is invented, it inevitably follows a 3-step evolutionary path. First,  it becomes commoditized over time. The next step is convergence – many commoditized technologies are then combined together in a novel way. Last, the convergence finally leads to a new paradigm shift for consumers. Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Commoditization: New technology becomes a commodity over time
  2. Convergence: Commoditized technologies are fused together in novel ways
  3. New Paradigm: Convergence enables disruptive new ideas

There are a plethora of examples that show this evolutionary path across every industry. Here are a couple of relatable examples.


Datrium Evolution Blog Emergence Of IPhone


Datrium Evolution Blog Emergence Of Cloud


Backups Are Commoditized. What’s Next?

Given that today is World Backup Day, let’s apply this 3-step technology evolution process to data center backups.

Backup technology has become a commodity with many vendors. However, along the way, we forgot why backups are needed in the first place, i.e., for recovery in case of a disaster. It takes days or weeks to recover from backup systems when disaster strikes, which is no longer acceptable, especially with the rise of ransomware. Backups are now failing us in the precise moment we need them the most. What’s the next step?

Recovery is the next evolutionary frontier. We need the convergence of other technologies to make a leap in recovery solutions. There are only so many improvements one can make to backup software. The newcomer, “Cloud Backup,” sounds cooler, but sadly it is still just backup and makes recovery even slower.

Datrium Evolution Blog Evolution Graph

Recovery Is Next, But It Needs Convergence

Backups alone are no longer sufficient. It’s all about quick recovery. We need the convergence of other technologies to come together into one software package to provide that instant recovery after a disaster. Most businesses find Disaster Recovery (DR) hard because it touches all components in the data center: applications, hypervisor, servers, networking, primary storage, backups, and more.

How to simplify recovery? We need deep backup copies to recover from ransomware. We also need to turn these backup copies into live VMs at the click of a button, with end-to-end encryption, and WAN dedupe to speed up data mobility. And finally, we need runbook orchestration to tie all the pieces together. It’s hard to do DR without the fused convergence of these 5 elements into one software stack:

  • Backup
  • Primary Storage
  • Runbook Orchestration
  • Encryption
  • WAN Dedupe


The New Paradigm: Instant RTO, Cloud DR

Datrium has combined the above 5 technologies into a converged SaaS DR solution. With this convergence, we have converted a complex backup and DR process into an easy-to-use SaaS solution.

Datrium offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with VMware Cloud on AWS that includes instant RTO and pay-as-you-go economics. You can finally shut down your second data center and leverage the cloud as your DR site. And everything is fully automated.


Datrium Evolution Blog Emergence Of Cloud DR

Cloud DR with Instant RTO is the new paradigm. Contact us for a quick demo to see the unique value Datrium DRaaS can bring to your business.