NEXT Generation Films Eliminates $1 Million Risk and Gets Instant ROI

NEXT Generation Films is a major producer of food-related plastics. The Ohio-based company aims to get products created and onto trucks as quickly as possible. Every day, it creates nearly one million pounds of blown plastics film.


To deliver on its promises to customers, the IT team focuses on system performance and uptime, especially for its ERP system and warehouse management system (WMS). However, latency on the company’s previous storage solutions, Dell EMC, threatened on-time delivery and demanded a significant amount of admin time.


Compared to Dell EMC, applications on Datrium run up to 15x faster. Datrium delivers low latency performance across NEXT’s virtual infrastructure. Where the company previously saw spikes of over 100-millisecond latency during high loads, it now sees less than one millisecond for the entire infrastructure.


The stretched IT team at NEXT eliminated the many hours of load rebalancing it was doing to keep performance as high as possible. In total, it cut at least 95% of the time it used to spend on storage management.


NEXT also takes advantage of Datrium’s built-in backup, which is a new addition to the company’s DR strategy. With Datrium, recovery time objective (RTO) dropped from two hours to just one minute for a 40x improvement. Recovery point objective (RPO) improved by 99% – dropping from 24 hours to 10 minutes.


“In the event of an ERP or WMS system loss, one million pounds or over $1 million worth of product would have to sit waiting for us to reprint labels. But because we can now recover in one minute to a point 10 minutes ago, that won’t happen.”

– Jason Oblinger, Senior Systems Administrator


Read how NEXT Generation Films is using Datrium’s Automatrix Platform to achieve these results:


  • Up to 15x faster ERP applications
  • 95% less storage management
  • 40x better RTO
  • 99% RPO improvement
  • $1 million risk eliminated
  • 75% less rack space required
  • 30% power savings


Learn more about Automatrix and see how you can improve application performance, RTO, and RPO while reducing costs and risk.