Significant Performance Gains Enable QuoVadis to Perform Data Analysis on Demand and Delight Customers

QuoVadis Services provides cloud services and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) for customers in Bermuda, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The company managed multiple compute and storage technologies, which increased long-term support costs and the complexity of day-to-day operational management for the QuoVadis support team. 

QuoVadis needed a technology refresh to get higher performance, with increased levels of compute and security, and to reduce costs – all while delivering even better customer support.

“Datrium is a perfect fit for QuoVadis. We need technology that genuinely provides high performance, and we need a platform that is simple and efficient to manage. This results in higher levels of performance and support for our customers that rely on QuoVadis for their production hosting needs.”

– Gavin Dent, CEO

QuoVadis also relies on Datrium’s blanket encryption to help them improve data security for their digital certificate service, meet GDPR regulations, and support their customers’ security requirements. Datrium provides protection for in-use data at the host, in-flight across the network, and at-rest on persistent storage.

Read how QuoVadis uses Datrium’s Automatrix Platform to achieve these results:

  • A complex database search in 20 seconds, instead of hours
  • 70% less storage management time
  • Zero replication software costs
  • Half the time for replication management and administration
  • Encryption for in-use data, inflight across the network, and at-rest on persistent storage

Learn more about how Automatrix can help you increase the performance of your business apps and simplify data management.