Ransomware Got You Spooked – Avoid Attackers’ Tricks with Failproof DR

As Halloween approaches, we’re thinking about imaginary ghosts, goblins, and witches. But many companies face a genuine threat to their business assets. Here are the scary facts about ransomware:

  • Grew 700% since 2016
  • Will cost businesses $11.5 billion this year alone
  • #1 defense against ransomware is to pay up


What Can Companies Do About It?

We’ve helped customers deploy DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS, and they’ve achieved these results:

  • Up to 10x more cost-efficient DR
  • On-demand DR – only pay for DR resources if disaster strikes or when testing  
  • One-click failover and failback
  • Recover from recent snapshots or deep backups stored in S3
  • Significant savings – a leading transportation agency saved $950K/year 



Why Existing Ransomware Defenses Often Fail

Companies continue to budget more for DR than they have in the past, and IT Teams have dedicated significant resources to combat ransomware. But these defenses often fail – leaving the company in a vulnerable position when faced with a hacker’s demand for payment to unlock their data. 


Prevention Tools and BYOD

New strains of ransomware are developed constantly to beat existing tools. More than 77% of companies impacted by ransomware in 2018 were running up-to-date endpoint protection, according to a survey conducted by Sophos. Plus, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies may expose your data center to a known strain of ransomware when it’s carried inside your network by a trusted individual, including employees, partners, and customers.


Employee Education 

Hackers are always coming up with new, creative ways of tricking employees and customers into sharing corporate data to execute social engineering attacks. Many companies educate customers and employees about malicious email and other attacks, but this is not a failproof way to protect against these attackers.


Processes and Policies

IT teams use processes and policies, such as not allowing access to external links or email attachments. In reality, employees and customers don’t follow these rules, and they end up sending infected files and data. Also, this type of all or nothing approach is highly disruptive to employee productivity and ease of use for customers.


Disaster Recovery (DR) Hasn’t Been Done Right

Existing solutions fail to provide cost-efficient DR that keeps data safe and secure while enabling users to confidently execute failover and failback because they’re:

  • Expensive – you need multiple tools and an always-on DR site
  • Complex – runbook automation is very complicated because IT teams often have to stitch together disparate tools to create a DR solution that’s also difficult and complex to manage and maintain
  • Unreliable – data center changes put your DR site out of sync, and DR readiness testing is difficult


Here’s How We Help You Recover from a Ransomware Attack

Always-on efficiency and security are included, and there are no additional costs or tools required. Deduplication, compression, encryption, and highly resilient erasure coding are always on, and data is always reduced and protected without compromises. Unlike other solutions, DVX performs data reduction before encryption on the host, so you have the benefits of both simultaneously on the host, across the network, and at rest. We built it that way by including:

  • Immutable storage – every unique write on a virtual machine creates a new fingerprint, and once data has been fingerprinted, it can’t be overwritten
  • Instant recovery – old fingerprints are always protected by snapshots which allows you to achieve instant recovery (on host / at scale) of your data from ransomware, crypto lock, and malware
  • Recovery of infected machines – includes automatic snapshot creation for forensic evaluation


We don’t believe you should have to pay to retrieve your data from your machines. If you agree, contact us and one of our ransomware experts will show you how to implement an effective ransomware strategy with Datrium DRaaS. 


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