Bring the Cloud to Your Data with Self-Protecting Enterprise Cloud

Enterprises like public cloud services for two big reasons:

  1. They are simple to run fast at any scale and
  2. IT doesn’t need to manage the details of storage, security, backup and DR.

If enterprises could just make their own data centers more like the cloud, their business would be more agile and competitive. Lucky for you, Datrium brings all the things you like about the public cloud into your enterprise data center.

Datrium customers run their critical applications up to ten times faster at scale to shorten business process times and increase revenue. Just like the cloud, enterprises running on Datrium don’t need to manage storage, data security, or backup because it’s all automated inside the DVX system along with guaranteed disaster recovery. This frees up enterprise IT to spend more time on projects that improve business competitiveness, one of the many benefits of Datrium’s self-protecting enterprise cloud.

Click here and let’s bring some of that cloud goodness to your data center. Or learn more about the benefits Datrium can bring to the table here.