Survey Says: 86% of Companies Plan to Increase IT Transformation Investment Over the Next Five Years

Digital technologies are changing the face of business and leading to digital transformation across organizations. However, in their race to digital transformation, many companies haven’t transformed their IT systems fast enough to address the changing business demands. IT transformation, a complete reassessment and overhaul of an organization’s information technology (IT) systems in order to improve the efficiency and delivery in a digital economy, remains a challenge for many businesses.

At Datrium, we’re aware of the pressures our customers are facing to meet ever-rising user and customer demands and the strain this places on their IT organizations. We know  that a radically simple IT infrastructure is essential to keeping customers happy. The findings from our recent survey of over 500 IT professionals in the U.S. show that many companies are still running complex, antiquated legacy infrastructure instead of investing time on executing strategic digital transformation initiatives.

The 2019 State of IT Transformation Report highlights these key issues. The survey results show that although the vast majority of IT organizations have implemented systems and tools to modernize, simplify and streamline data center operations, many are still burdened by inefficiencies, security risks and performance gaps in their IT infrastructure. Even with budget constraints, 86 percent of respondents anticipate that their company will increase its investment in IT transformation over the next five years.

With the amount of data that organizations are producing, storing and analyzing, IT organizations are overburdened with managing  data center infrastructure that is ill-equipped for complex workloads. 70 percent of respondents agree it would be valuable to have their primary and backup storage on a single platform which would reduce IT spending and complexity.

IT Transformation Infographic

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