StorageSwiss Briefing Note – Datrium: A No Compromise VMware DRaaS

We recently announced that Datrium DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS delivers Instant RTO from backups on Amazon S3. DRaaS stores deep deduped backups in S3 at a very low cost, and it has runbook orchestration to bring up workloads in a controlled way. DRaaS Connect is a lightweight software agent that customers can download and run as a VM in any of their production vSphere environments. They use a central portal to configure backup and DR policies. The Connect agents use these policies to back up data with the appropriate policies. Unlike traditional software, DRaaS is fully automated software, and customers don’t have to do manual upgrades or maintenance.

StorageSwiss published a briefing note, “Overcoming the DRaaS Time Compromise” on how organizations have to carefully evaluate products to make the best choice between cost savings and recovery time. They recommended organizations strongly consider DRaaS.

StorageSwiss Take

In theory, organizations can replicate data from their on-premises data center to a VMware Cloud. The problem is that storing a secondary copy of data in EBS storage is cost-prohibitive for all but the most critical of VMs. The Datrium approach enables organizations to include all of their VMs in their DR plan thanks to cost-effective S3 storage and the company’s ability to make VMs instantly available with high performance.


Datrium’s maturing of the solution and especially their ability to make the solution universally available, make DRaaS Connect a solution that VMware environments looking to improve their DR strategies, should strongly consider.

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