Why Tim Page Is Now CEO of the Only Company Since VMware that Transforms How Apps Run in the Data Center

This summer, I proudly joined Datrium as their new CEO. What inspired me so much about Datrium was the presence of qualities and successes rarely found in most start-ups – make that most companies. From the start, my discovery that founders arguably represent the top 1% of storage, virtualization, backup, and disaster recovery engineers blew me away.

With simplicity in mind, they set out to disrupt the very technologies they had brought to market in their previous careers. Against enormous pressure, the investors and founders took a patient approach to develop a product that combatted all that they saw wrong with the way data center environments were being built and managed.  

Unlike most hybrid cloud infrastructure companies who take their product to market within 18 months with only a small crew of engineers, the founders at Datrium insisted on building a solid, enterprise-grade product that took 4.5 years with eighty hardened engineers.

Their fortitude paid off. Despite a crowded market of companies all aiming to disrupt and improve the delivery of applications at scale, Datrium took a transformative approach to running applications  not seen since VMware hit the market. 

“We chose Datrium DVX for a combination of factors. Obviously, the bang for the buck — how much we get for the money that we spend. And performance was a big factor for us, along with ease of management.”

– Bryan Bond, Director of Infrastructure, Siemens

The response from customers and partners has been nothing short of amazing. Customers rally behind Datrium’s conscious breaking of the traditional ways to manage the modern data center on and off premises because they understand what “making it simple” means to their ability to manage and scale their modern data centers.  

And as if being surrounded by incredibly talented people with an incredible product wasn’t enough – since joining, I’ve been met with an amazing reception from large enterprise customers and channel partners alike. Not only that, but we are thrilled to partner with Samsung and Icon Ventures to expand our technical and geographical momentum through our latest oversubscribed Series D funding.

I am proud and honored to take the helm at Datrium as I look forward to our future success together.