Time to Celebrate Liberation

This is the time in the United States when we pause and celebrate liberation from the rule of England. For fans of School House Rock, you likely remember the episode about taxation without representation and turning the Boston Harbor into “the biggest cup of tea in history.”

Today, IT is also subject to the egregious tax of antiquated, siloed, legacy systems. Those systems often hold teams back from being more agile and responding quickly to the demands of the business or broader market in general. Teams are saddled with siloed solutions for primary, backup, disaster recovery, mobility, and encryption that prevent them from moving workloads based on the needs of the business.

It’s an exciting time at Datrium because we are truly liberating IT from complexity. Automatrix provides a universal data plane and converges the 5 key functions needed for data management (primary storage, backup, disaster recovery, mobility, and encryption) into a single unified platform. This platform gives organizations the ability to move their workloads freely between on-premises data centers, to the cloud, and back, as needed. Automatrix is a single software stack with complete data mobility.

The founders of the United States were incredibly thoughtful in crafting the constitution and carefully weighed the balance of power between the different branches of government. The founders of Datrium were also thoughtful about how they built the foundation and architecture of Automatrix and its key components including DVX and ControlShift.

From the beginning, DVX was designed with performance, scale, availability, and security in mind. DVX offers 5-10x improvements in application performance over legacy systems and 70% operational savings with a 5 month ROI. It provides petabyte scale, universal deduplication, blanket encryption, zero storage configuration, instant backup at scale, and flexible deployments.

Unlike the early colonists who had few choices, Datrium gives IT the choice of where they want their data. ControlShift provides workload orchestration, so teams can quickly and easily move their data between on-premises sites as well as back and forth from the cloud. This level of mobility is critical, especially for disaster recovery situations such as ransomware, human error, power outages, or even natural disasters. Organizations can be sure that their data is safe and secure.

We’re very proud of what our founders at Datrium started, and we look forward to helping liberate more teams from complexity. See how we can help you.