Transportation Industry Leader Speeds Workloads 10x and Focuses on Strategic Initiatives

TransCore provides toll collection systems and RFID transportation tracking. The company has been strategically virtualizing servers and desktops to reduce costs and complexity. However, with increasing virtualization, end users noticed spotty performance – especially on data-intensive applications such as AutoCAD and the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The Dell direct attached storage neared capacity and just couldn’t keep up. Kevin Smith, Director of MIS, knew it was time to upgrade to elevate the user experience and meet the company’s growth goals.

“I don’t want to be in the storage business. I want to be advancing strategic initiatives and helping end users. Datrium lets me do that. It runs itself.”

– Kevin Smith, Director of MIS

Read how TransCore uses Datrium’s Automatrix platform to get these results:

  • 10x lower latency
  • Up to 7x capacity gains
  • 95% less storage management
  • New infrastructure from Datrium paid for itself in just nine 9 months
  • IT shifted its focus to more strategic initiatives

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