Global enterprises trust Datrium to manage their mission-critical data

Depend on Datrium DVX to deliver breakthrough performance and availability for their business-critical data while saving them time and money.

Financial Services

Built-in backup, Elastic Replication and Blanket Encryption handled customer requirements with data protection and data security
Significantly better application performance, faster RTO and easier replication at a lower cost than other alternatives
Initially deployed VDI and Test/Dev, then added a DR site solution as well as Cloud DVX for cloud-based protection
Simplified admin, better availability and elastic scale were the keys to this deployment across 3 data centers
4X better performance, all data secured end-to-end with Blanket Encryption. One month ROI


Faster software development time, simple to manage and flexibility to keep costs low won the day
Better application performance at scale with better availability and lower cost
Low latency, fast response time for all users of a business critical lab infrastructure
More responsive, available EHR for doctors increases revenue and quality of care
Simplicity and business value drives better patient care


Secure, protected data with less admin. time at a lower cost
High performance computations and high fidelity graphics with simple deployment and blanket encryption
User and GIS data served and protected with less time and money
6x better performance, 20x faster RTO, 50% less cost
12x performance boost with DR in hours, not weeks


Better OLAP performance with less management time and lower TCO
Faster software development, 10x faster RTO, zero admin time and 75% less cost than alternatives
Better Oracle performance with less configuration time and lower costs
Lower latency with less management time and cost
Lower latency with less management time and lower TCO

Media Entertainment

Faster 4K video serving with better protection and lower cost
High performance, low latency rendering with simple deployment and lower cost
Faster data processing with better disaster recovery at a lower cost
Better 4K video serving and protection with less admin time and lower cost
More responsive applications for employees to increase revenue with less IT time and cost

See How We Do It

We can help your organization get modern DR in an easy-to-use SaaS solution that eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional DR solutions. We provide cloud-native, on-demand DR with instant RTO for all your VMware workloads. You can be confident that your data is secure in the cloud or on premises and protected against ransomware attacks.