Simple Control Plane Spanning On-Prem and Cloud DVX

The DVX UI, a modern HTML5-based user interface available stand-alone or as a VMware vCenter plug-in, eliminates storage management entirely. There are no LUNs or other array artifacts to manage. From the same UI manage the provisioning and service levels of your VM-based applications, as well as data management on-premises or in the cloud.

DVX Software Overview

VM Consolidation

For the first time, a server powered converged infrastructure system can provide fully independent scaling of host storage speed and persistent capacity to simply and incrementally match resources to evolving tenant requirements. Add only the resources you need, when you need it. Scale up to 128 compute nodes, 250 GB/s and 18M IOPS, and up to a petabyte of capacity across up to 10 data nodes.

IO processing leverages up to 20% of surplus local CPU. Where additional CPU is available, Insane Mode can double per-host performance in-place and on-demand by reserving up to 40% of processing resources.

Always-on declustered erasure coding protects cold as well as hot data with only 25% overhead. All data is deduplicated and compressed before being written to compute node flash, then globally deduplicated across all compute nodes once written to data nodes.

Cloud Data Management

100% software-based, combining always-on, efficient data reduction technology with high-speed encryption end-to-end, protecting data in-use at the host, in-flight across the network and at-rest on persistent storage.

Start with a massively scalable VM backup catalog called ‘Snapstore’. Snap and instantly recover not only VMs, but vDisks as well, important if you want to recover data without taking powering off your VM or reconfiguring a new one.  Logical groupings of VMs or Containers are called protection groups. For each protection group, set snapshot backup schedules, replication targets, etc. Finally, Dynamic Policy Binding auto-includes new VMs into a protection group based on naming convention.

A flexible, server powered replication technology where snapshots are replicated host to host, flash to flash. The more hosts involved, the faster replication happens. A variety of topologies are supported – many to 1, 1 to many, bidirectional, etc. Replication is encrypted end to end and fully WAN-optimized with only deduped, changed data sent over the wire.

Cloud DVX is a cloud-native instance of Datrium DVX that provides backup and recovery as-a-service to public cloud, and includes global cloud deduplication so end-customers can simply consume the cloud capacity at the lowest cost of ownership.

Cloud DVX

A Cloud-Native Instance of DVX providing SaaS-based Backup and Recovery with Breakthrough TCO and RTO

Split Provisioning

Datrium’s hyperscale approach eases administration & reduces cost for private clouds at scale.

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