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Datrium DVX: A Closer Look

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Leverages surplus host CPU for all data services, including erasure coding, data reduction, encryption, data mgmt. Maintains all VM data in local flash for ultra-low latency performance, outperforming all flash arrays by up to 4X with flash or NVMe at a fraction of the cost. All Compute Nodes are stateless so maintenance is simple and data availability assured.

Pre-configured with fully redundant, hot swappable components.  Includes mirrored NVRAM for fast writes, and quad 10GbE or dual 25GbE network ports with load balancing and path failover. Capacity optimized with always-on global dedupe, compression and erasure coding for either disk-based (lowest cost) or flash-based (highest performance) data nodes.

Any server-type is supported, including blades and quad-socket servers. Combine any vendor, any generation server, and any configuration within a single DVX.

Which DVX Is Right For You?


Ideal for consolidation of mixed workloads in a single system. Common deployments include databases, data warehousing and VDI.

Tier 1 Availability
Protection from N-1 host failures, any or all SSD failures, and is VMware FT certified.

High Performance
Up to 4x faster than AFAs. 200GB/s and 18M IOPS reads, 8GB/s writes.

Efficient Protection
Always-on dedupe, compression, erasure coding, encryption with 7K SATA HDDs for lowest cost

With Flash E2E

Ideal for the most write-intensive workloads such as multi-thousand seat VDI and IOT.  Additional tier 1 features ideally suited for mission critical deployments such as Oracle RAC.

Tier 1 Availability-Plus
All Tier 1 DVX features plus: Performance SLA drops to AFA-level with any host SSD failure

High Performance-Plus
Read performance is the same as DVX, but write performance doubles to 16GB/s

Efficient Protection-Plus
Retaining local backups on flash provides the fastest recovery from failure (cold boot) possible.

DVX Spec Overview

Compute Nodes

1 to 128/DVX

3.2 GHz, 2-socket, 8 cores/socket
2.4 GHz, 2-socket, 20 cores/socket
2.4 GHz, 2-socket, 14 core/socket
2.1 GHz, 2-socket, 8 cores/socket

OS Support
vSphere 5.5+, Red Hat 7.3,
CentOS 7 1611, Docker 1.2

Expandable to 768GB

Flash Cache
3.8TB NVMe/SAS/SATA, expandable to 16TB (CN2100)
1.9TB SAS/SATA, Expandable to 13.4TB (CN2000)

2x10Gb BaseT + 2x1GbE Mgmt
Add 4x10GbE or 2x25GbE (CN2100); Add 2x10GbE (CN2000)

Data Nodes

1 to 10/DVX

Redundant, hot swappable.
Mirrored NVRAM, battery-backed

12x4TB, 7K SATA HDDs (D12X4B)
12×1.9TB, SSDs (F12X2)

29TB Usable. 60-180TB Effective. (D12X4B)
16TB Usable. 32-96TB Effective. (F12X2)

Networking (per controller)
2x10Gb BaseT + 2x1GbE Mgmt
Add 4x10GbE or 2x25GbE

3rd Party Compute Nodes

1 to 128/DVX

Minimum 2 cores for DVX
Limited to 20% of available cores

OS Support
vSphere 5.5+, Red Hat 7.3,
CentOS 7 1611, Docker 1.2

7.5 GB + 2.5 GB / TB
of local host SSD

Flash Cache
Any flash (VMware VCG4 or vFlash)
1-10 drives, 800GB to 16TB

on VMware VCG

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