Not at VMworld to See How to Finally Advance the Data Center? No problem!

Not at VMworld to See How to Finally Advance the Data Center? No problem!

Posted by: Craig Nunes
“There’s nothing to demo, you just turn it on, and it’s on” – Brian Biles, CEO, Datrium

Datrium CEO Brian Biles, shows the DVX in the VMworld booth 618. It looks like something from the future, but was at VMworld 2017! Datrium DVX now scales to 128 compute nodes and a petabyte of capacity, and it scales performance independently from capacity—we call it split provisioning. Learn more…watch this 20-min video.


Securing your SDDC data without being hostage to hardware

Windsor Hsu, Sr. Director of Engineering at Datrium, talks about how to secure data simply and without hardware dependencies. What do most vendors do still? They encrypt on disk only with self-encrypting drives, but that still doesn’t solve all problems. Windsor breaks this down, and tells you how to avoid being hostage to hardware in this 11-min video.


How the data center has evolved to open convergence

Andrei Leibovici, Field CTO and VP of Solutions at Datrium, talks about the new architecture (open convergence) that has advanced the data center. He explains that solving bottlenecks and scalability in the data center has been a focus for a long time, but never entirely has been solved until now, with open convergence. Andre explains in this informative 12 min video.


Securing and Protecting Your Container-Based Data Assets

Boris Weismann, Co-founder at Datrium with 20 years’ experience in virtualization at VMware, walks you through why traditional back-up solutions are still way too complex and simply require too many vendors to deploy effectively. He then talks about the “shoulds” for private cloud. For instance, it should provide low latency, high performance for primary storage; it should provide low-cost secondary storage with rich data management capabilities; it should unify all the management to a single console; and a whole lot more. Watch Boris explain in this 12-min video to learn more.   


Beyond hyperconvergence: building out your hybrid cloud

Datrium CTO, Hugo Patterson, talks about how Datrium goes beyond hyperconvergence in meeting the needs of your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Parametric Portfolio also weighs in on why they are using Datrium. A well-spent 42 mins to advance your understanding of how you too can painlessly go beyond hyperconvergence.

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