Open Convergence Architecture

Welcome to the next wave of convergence.

It’s time for Open Convergence if you are…

  • Looking to converge, simplify and modernize
  • Worried that HCI won’t handle your database performance needs
  • Consolidating a mix of different workloads
  • Concerned about the overhead of a separate data management infrastructure

DVX Architecture Overview

VM and IO processing on Compute Nodes is split from durable data on Data Nodes. The split architecture eliminates east-west traffic between Compute Nodes so there is never neighbor noise or network overhead, so the system can mix and scale workloads massively.

Compute Nodes maintain all VM data in local flash for ultra-low latency performance, and are stateless so maintenance is simple and data availability assured.

Data Nodes maintains all persistent copies of data, which is always compressed, globally deduped, and erasure coded with double fault-tolerance.

What is Open Convergence?

We split speed on servers from durable data on the network. So it’s Open to run with any server — including blades — and provides Convergence of I/O processing on the server.

That’s Open Convergence. Need more information? Check out our two-minute video.

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