Datrium Announces Oracle Partnership and Oracle RAC Qualification

Datrium Announces Oracle Partnership and Oracle RAC Qualification

Open Convergence Leader, Named An Oracle Gold Partner, Provides A Single Platform for Oracle RAC nodes, primary flash storage, integrated backup and copy data management.

Posted by: Amber Kelepouris

Sunnyvale, Calif., September 26, 2017Datrium, the leading provider of Open Converged Infrastructure for hybrid clouds, today announced it has been named an Oracle Gold Partner.  The company also announced qualification of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on Datrium DVX, extending the administrative simplicity, robust availability and integrated backup benefits of its Open Convergence approach to customer’s Oracle RAC deployments.

As IT organizations seek alternatives to expensive and inflexible array infrastructure for mission critical Oracle RAC deployments, they encounter three main challenges with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).  When organizations need to roll out a small 2-node RAC deployment, HCI cannot offer a 2-node cluster. In order to provide the highest level of availability, the minimum cluster size for HCI is 5-nodes, which is subject to more than twice the Oracle licensing costs.  There is also an availability mismatch between HCI and Oracle RAC. For example, RAC’s built-in availability architecture ensures that a 4-node RAC deployment will continue to run even if three of the four nodes fail; whereas with HCI, should more than 2 nodes fail, the entire cluster fails. Finally, many HCI systems do not have the built-in copy data management to clone production databases for test/dev purposes with zero performance impact.


Simplifying Oracle RAC Deployments

That’s all changing with Datrium’s announced support for virtualizing Oracle RAC on its industry-leading Open Convergence platform, Datrium DVX.  This new breed of converged infrastructure combines compute, flash-based primary storage, and integrated backup–now with support for Oracle RAC.  With Datrium, customers can deploy mixed production application workloads and test/development workloads in one platform while maintaining isolation for optimal service levels. This unique approach to convergence addresses issues with Oracle RAC on HCI and gives customers a more compatible server-powered option for their deployments.

“At Neovera, we have built our reputation on addressing the unique needs of our customers with unmatched customer service. We were looking to move off our legacy array infrastructure to a modern convergence solution for our Oracle RAC infrastructure that combined VM-level administration with robust availability and bare-metal performance,” said Scott Weinberg, CEO and founder.  “With Datrium, we got that and more, including end-to-end data security and an integrated backup platform which saves us a ton of time and money.”

With Datrium’s support of Oracle RAC, scaling is configuration-free.  Data services such as erasure coding, global deduplication and compression are always-on and there is no need to selectively configure performance versus efficiency for a given workload—with Datrium you get both. Adding another Oracle RAC node is as simple as cloning a virtual machine in VMware vCenter.  And performance remains high with automatic alignment of I/O with the most active Oracle RAC node and VMware host, eliminating network reads and maintaining high performance.


Robust Availability, Data Integrity and Security

With Datrium DVX, servers remain stateless so where there are N servers, N-1 servers can fail and the DVX remains available. This is well-matched with Oracle RAC which is architected with the same availability model. 

In addition to high availability, Datrium DVX provides end-to-end data integrity checking for Oracle RAC, meaning the data written to the RAC node will always match the data written to both flash and secondary storage. Finally, DVX provides end-to-end data security by encrypting Oracle RAC data on host, in-flight across the network, and at rest on the DVX Data Node.

Datrium DVX also provides Oracle RAC customers with powerful real-time VM analytics, providing instant insights at the database VM level, improving visibility, saving time and speeding results.


Integrated Data Management for Oracle RAC

Datrium DVX provides near instant recovery for Oracle RAC by providing consistent local and remote snapshot backups of RAC VMs across all VMware hosts, complimenting Oracle RMAN and Data Guard. Backups are cost effectively maintained on Datrium’s Data Nodes, which store both hot and cold data in compressed and globally deduplicated form on secondary storage. Backups can also be archived to Amazon Web Services and managed from a single pane of glass within the DVX console.

In addition to integrated backup, Datrium also accelerates development cycles for Oracle RAC developers with advanced copy data management functionality. Cloned copies of production databases are immediately available to software developers or QA engineers, speeding design, development and testing. 

“While HCI clusters are replacing some types of arrays, they are not a good match for the gold standard in enterprise data availability, Oracle RAC,” said Brian Biles, Founder and CEO of Datrium.  “Datrium’s Open Convergence approach was designed for scalable host isolation and efficient cloud data management, so RAC is a great fit, and we’re thrilled to be named an Oracle Gold Partner.”


Oracle Gold Partner Status

Datrium has been awarded Oracle Gold Partner status, gaining access to extensive partner training, development and demonstration licenses, and other technical resources.  With its Gold-level status, Datrium and Oracle can now collaborate effectively to provide joint customers with the best possible solution experience.


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Pricing and Availability

Oracle RAC support is provided at no charge in the next DVX software release, available next quarter. Single instance Oracle is available on DVX today.


Industry Recognition

Gartner, Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies, 2016, April 2016 – A Cool Vendor


About Datrium

Datrium is the leader in Open Converged Infrastructure for hybrid clouds, a new breed of converged infrastructure beyond hyperconvergence. Datrium converges compute, primary and secondary storage, and archive to cloud for vastly simpler administration, performance and protection of private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.  The company is led by the CTOs and founders from Data Domain and early principal engineers from VMware. For more information, visit www.datrium.com and follow @datrium on Twitter.


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