Automatrix Technology


Automatrix converges the five critical data functions: primary storage, backup, DR, encryption, and mobility with unparalleled performance.   


What Technology Is Included in Automatrix?

The Automatrix platform provides instant outcomes to transform IT, and it’s only possible because it includes breakthrough technology.

Automatrix SaaS Framework for Data Management Applications

In a multi-cloud deployment, the only reasonable place for Data Management applications is in the cloud.

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Automatrix Data Management Infrastructure

Automatrix technology includes super-efficient approaches for VM or container backup, policy automation and catalog.

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Automatrix Portable Data Services Foundation

Automatrix includes rich, fast, resilient primary application data services within each DVX and Cloud DVX.  

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Automatrix Data Management Infrastructure

DVX and Cloud DVX include backup, policy automation, and data mobility infrastructure in a way that also accelerates DevOps copy management.


Built-in NoBackup™ Data Protection

By integrating a catalog and policy engine over per-workload snaps, clones, and replication, on a data services foundation with always-on data reduction, a single DVX system can serve primary storage fast and backup workloads efficiently with instant RTO and verified test recovery multiple times a day.


DevOps Copy Management

When workload snaps, clones, and instant restarts are available, processes like Jenkins can go 40% faster.


Elastic Replication

Data mobility across clouds starts with super-efficient workload replication. Datrium delivers with universal dedupe and compression for WAN optimization, scaling using hosts as data movers, one-click throttling options, and most-recent-first WAN recovery.


Public Cloud as a New Backup Target

Understand the technology behind Cloud DVX that enables users to leverage the public cloud as a new backup target.


Data Integrity

Automatrix continuous data verification delivers the best data integrity in the industry. It delivers tier-1 reliability, zero-click management, built-in data protection, and zero data loss with the highest levels of performance.


DVX: Product of the Year

“Datrium impresses judges and wins top honors with its DVX storage architecture, designed to sidestep latency and deliver performance and speed at scale.”


Automatrix Portable Data Services Foundation

This foundation technology is available on prem and in the cloud in a consistent way, enabling efficient workload portability with high speed, scalability, and resilience.


Split Provisioning

By separating storage and data management functions (host software) from a scaleout durable data pool (HA, off-host systems), DVX becomes much more scalable for predictable speed and HA. In DVX, the bottom layer is commodity hardware; in Cloud DVX, the bottom layer is S3 or other low-cost object stores.


Blanket Encryption

Another Datrium first: Encrypt all data in use, in flight and at rest, while providing full always-on dedupe and compression. Here’s how DVX does it.


Fast Erasure Coding

In the Split Provisioned pool in a DVX, hosts create erasure-coded stripes and deliver their chunks to drives, storing them on a custom Log-Structured File System (LFS) for speed. DVX is able to have the efficiency of erasure coding always on, even in disk-based pools, with insane performance.


Availability and IO Flow

To understand DVX availability, it may be helpful to understand the flow of the IO process for reads and writes. This paper has the detail.


Ransomware Protection

Datrium DVX enables simple, low RTO data mitigation plans to get your business back on stable footing from correct data that preceded the attack.


Datrium DVX for VDI

Manage a robust and growing virtual desktop infrastructure with Datrium DVX which is certified for Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View solutions.

Automatrix Performance


Architected for Performance

Datrium Automatrix was architected from the ground up for high performance and high availability.

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Resilient and Performant

With Automatrix because most data calls will hit compute nodes with on-board flash cache, Datrium can deliver tremendous performance without having to go to the data nodes in nearly all cases. This translates to 200GB/s and 16GB/s in peak 32K read and write bandwidth and 18M IOPS 4K random read.

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Validated Performance

In an IOmark benchmark study, Automatrix was proven to deliver 43% lower latency than HCI.

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