The leading disaggregated HCI (DHCI) for VMware workloads

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  • Industry’s highest performance for virtual workloads
  • Fastest recovery time and simpler management of data centers with integrated backup and DR
  • Smallest footprint from always-on efficiency and security
  • Eliminate storage administration with VM-centric management

What Customers Are Saying

“Datrium solved about six different problems for us. In one VMware-optimized solution, we got snapshotting, replication, deduplication, compression and encryption, along with a huge performance boost.”

– Brad Taylor, IT Manager, Technical Operations, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Analyst Recommendation

“Datrium Automatrix (DVX) provides high-performance production capacity, efficient data protection capacity, and recovery performance at enterprise scale.

– Vinny Choinski, Senior IT Validation Analyst, ESG

DVX Delivers Industry-Leading Disaggregated HCI

Performance at Scale

Split Provisioning maintains primary data in host flash for lowest possible latency while storing a copy on a resilient data node for long term protection. Performance and capacity scale independently for up to 128 stateless hosts.

Built-In Backup & Recovery

DVX built-in backup and DR delivers instant recovery from millions of searchable, point-in-time, application-consistent backups of VM-granular assets. Snapshot backups are nearly instantaneous with no performance impact; RPO is in minutes. Automated, policy-based VM Backup and DR are fully integrated into a common data plane, not separate silos, all managed from a vCenter plug-in. Instantly recover from disasters or ransomware attacks.

Always-On Efficiency and Security

Compression, deduplication, encryption, and highly resilient erasure coding with no performance impact are always on. DVX customers regularly achieve 3-6x data reduction from Automatrix technology without compromising efficiency, speed, or security, while getting significantly more efficient and predictable high availability than traditional HCI. Data is always protected while in use on the host, across the network, and at rest.

Zero Storage Management

All primary storage, backup, and DR data are managed through vCenter as VM-centric assets. Autonomous policy management protects, replicates, and recovers groups of assets so admins can search globally to find recent or old backups for DR and ransomware recovery.

Best ROI in the Market

Use your existing servers and flash while reducing your data center footprint for minimum infrastructure costs. Reduce IT management time and speed deployment for IT productivity gains. Improve application response times to delight customers and increase revenue. Get your investment back in 5 months.

DVX: The Durability of SAN + the Simplicity of HCI

DVX is disaggregated HCI for VMware environments and runs apps with high performance and availability. DVX has a two-layer design with separate performance and capacity tiers.

Performance Tier


Stateless host can be any server with any flash storage in it.

Software on the Host

A global namespace across the cluster performs dedupe fingerprinting, compression, encryption, and erasure coding.

Read Cache in Flash

Read cache in host flash for low- latency, high-performance I/O.

Capacity Tier

Data Nodes

Storage-grade drive chassis form a fault-tolerant, scale-out pool for data persistence and durability. Minimal software serves as a low-latency blob store and coordinator even when all hosts are down.

Built-In Backup and Recovery

Up to 1.2M point-in-time consistent VM snaps, performed and managed from hosts, and stored on the data nodes for instant recovery from ransomware.

What’s Happening Inside DVX

DVX has two building blocks: DVX Host Software on each host manages all active data for the VMs within that host, and the DVX Data Node stores all data for long term retention.


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DVX Host Software

Runs on hosts and performs all data management functions (dedupe fingerprint, compression, encryption, snapshots, replication, Data Node erasure coding, space reclamation, rebuilds, etc.) and presents an NFS datastore to the VMs. Application performance scales linearly as hosts are added, and low latency is maintained using the local host flash cache.

Data Mobility

Elastic Replication moves data efficiently from one DVX to another DVX supporting your arbitrary WAN replication topologies. Because it’s a host-based process, it gets faster and more resilient as you add hosts. Replication happens automatically based on protection group policies at a granular level (VM, VDisk, ISO).

DVX Data Node

Each Data Node contains two motherboards with NVRAM, redundant network interfaces, as well as flash or disk drives. All data is protected in this resilient pool along with point-in-time snapshots of older data. As the Data Node pool scales, write bandwidth increases linearly and drive rebuild time decreases dramatically.

Always-On Efficiency and Security

Deduplication, compression, encryption, and highly resilient erasure coding are always on, and data is always reduced and protected without compromises. Unlike other solutions, DVX performs data reduction before encryption on the host, so you can have the benefits of both simultaneously on the host, across the network, and at rest.

Built-In Backup with Instant Recovery

Protection groups apply policies to running applications including snapshot frequency, replication, and retention. All VMs within a protection group are snapped at the same instant in time creating millions of crash consistent recovery points. Snapstore isolates these backups from hypervisor access as immutable, compressed, deduplicated files for instant recovery from disasters and ransomware.

Simplified Management

All data services are managed automatically by Datrium Host Software and Data Nodes based on VM-centric policies you set through a vCenter plug-in. No complex configuration tradeoffs, no time-consuming storage vMotion to balance workloads across LUNs, and no new interface to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is DVX?

DVX is the leading disaggregated HCI solution in the market today. It runs your virtualized workloads up to 10x faster and includes backup and DR protection with instant RTO. Your data is always safe with Blanket Encryption, and you save money with always-on data efficiency.

What can I do with DVX?

DVX can scale up to 128 hosts and over 4 PB of capacity delivering up to 18M IOPs, 8GB/s of writes, and 1.2M snapshots.

How is DVX different from existing HCI and disaggregated HCI solutions?

DVX keeps data on host flash for lower latency performance while providing always-on data efficiency and resilience. Only DVX has Blanket Encryption that protects data on the host, across the network, and at rest without compromising performance or data reduction. DVX is unique in the industry with backup and DR designed into the HCI system for instant RTO.


How do I buy DVX?

You buy DVX through a combination of host and data node software subscriptions along with associated hardware and support. You can use your existing hosts or buy industry-standard servers of your choice.

Can I buy everything from Datrium if I want a single vendor solution?

Yes, you can buy hosts, data nodes, support, and all the software subscriptions from Datrium as a packaged solution if you want to work with one vendor for infrastructure and support.

What is the term of Datrium software subscriptions?

You can purchase host and data node software subscriptions for as many years as you like. All Datrium subscriptions can be transferred to new hardware nodes and the cloud during the term of the subscription.


How do I get support from Datrium?

You purchase support for Datrium hardware when you buy the nodes, and software support is included in your software subscription.

Who do I call for support if I use my existing servers for hosts?

You call Datrium for host software support and your server vendor for host hardware support. If you want a single vendor for both, you can buy Datrium host hardware.

If my systems are attacked by ransomware, can Datrium Support help me?

You can always call Datrium Support for help, but you can also use the ransomware protection that's included with every Datrium product. You simply search your global catalog of backups for a point in time before your system was infected. Then, you can instantly restore all your VMs at the same time, and you're back up and running.

See How We Do It

We can help your organization get modern DR in an easy-to-use SaaS solution that eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional DR solutions. We provide cloud-native, on-demand DR with instant RTO for all your VMware workloads. You can be confident that your data is secure in the cloud or on premises and protected against ransomware attacks.