Datrium DVX and Citrix Solution Brief

Datrium DVX Verified with Citrix Ready for XenDesktop


  • Satisfy demanding user experience needs with improved performance for virtualized desktops
  • Effortless administration of the overall environment for better service, operations and scalability – let admins focus more on users and less on infrastructure
  • Drive both CapEx and OpEx costs down as environments grow and leverage greater choices in server and server flash technologies and less administration overhead


Managing a robust and growing virtual desktop infrastructure in current IT environments is getting more difficult for IT teams that are often supporting multiple roles. Yes, getting the right combination of computing resources – servers, storage, software – that perform well enough for today’s demanding users while still being affordable and manageable might seem overwhelming.

IT organizations are faced with finding the right platform that supports the needed set of integrated and tested components, performs well, is easily managed and cost-effective, and leverages innovation and flexibility to overcome performance and cost issues with traditional arrays while avoiding lock-in and scaling challenges common with HCI.

At Datrium we believe there is a better approach available called Open Convergence that is designed to address these areas.


Combine Citrix XenDesktop and Datrium DVX to address the challenges above. Datrium DVX Rackscale was designed from the start to support the most demanding needs of virtualized environments. Citrix XenDesktop is built to handle desktop virtualization (VDI) – one of the most demanding applications when it comes to performance and user experience combined with scalability and cost.

The joint Citrix XenDesktop and Datrium DVX solution verified through the Citrix Ready program is depicted in Figure 1 below. A single DVX DataNode server connected over a 10G data network to hosts running hundreds of virtual desktops under management and control of Citrix XenDesktop. With this solution, desktop VM active data processing is localized and isolated to each host added to the solution and scales simply by adding more hosts. Persistent data is safely maintained on the DVX DataNode. For a detailed discussion download the DVX Architecture Whitepaper.

Figure 1


Improved User Experience

Users experience improved desktop performance – particularly latency – as read data is serviced from flash on the local host and access does not need to traverse the network. Host separation keeps most IO processing local, allowing the addition of hosts to linearly scale desktop users while maintaining low latency across the entire environment.

Desktop responsiveness was often dependent on the storage component. Those concerns are no longer an issue for even the most demanding user workloads.  Datrium’s Insane Mode of operation is available to address the spikes in VDI workloads like login and boot storms without compromising the day to day steady state resource utilization.

The Datrium architecture provides ultimate flexibility for placing flash closer to the desktop and application VMs for significant performance improvements. For VDI, this means that all desktop data and most IO is served from host-local flash.

Simpler Environment Management

The Datrium DVX solution is simple to deploy and even simpler to manage. From the initial power on of a DVX to provisioning desktops takes just a few minutes to setup and a few minutes per host to configure. Typical storage management tasks of dealing with LUNs, RAID, or pools are a thing of the past. With Datrium, all storage administration is VM-centric.

The shared DVX Datastore is the right place to put all of the VDI components from desktop templates, images and user data to operational virtual desktop (Citrix XenDesktop) components that drive the infrastructure.  Whether deploying with MCS or PVS, the DVX is the ideal target for the VM storage resources for hundreds of desktop instances. There is no need to separate out the individual desktop storage components like Personal vDisks for performance or capacity considerations.

Combining the Datrium DVX Open Convergence platform with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware vSphere software enable IT teams to shift the focus to the desktop VM for managing end user applications and less on the infrastructure on which they run. VM administrators can now easily support storage tasks within the hypervisor, delivering simplicity while focusing on the desktop application.

Storage performance data is available at the vCenter, host or VM level.  With this approach to real-time and historic VM analytics it is easier to quickly focus on and isolate storage performance behaviors within the environment.

Better SLAs

IT organizations get substantial cost benefits by obtaining commodity flash storage compatible with existing or new hosts at a fraction of the cost of typical flash capacity from traditional storage vendors.

Built-in data management features like encryption, snapshots and replication provide protection of the core VDI infrastructure as well as user data.  Policy driven methods with granularity to the VM or datastore file (vdisk) level ensure protection of the right data sets and leverage the desktop provisioning and broker methods to best fit the organization’s needs. Datrium’s integration with VMware VAAI and copy offload further accelerate the desktop provisioning / cloning operations in Citrix XenDesktop.

Supporting a wide range of compatible servers provides the added benefit of choosing the best server to meet the needs of the desktop users. It’s simple to add more servers when adding more desktop users. Datrium Compute Nodes are also available to further consolidate infrastructure acquisition and support points. Take advantage of existing server resources or choose new servers without vendor lock-in. The Datrium DVX solution supports both blade and rack servers providing even wider selection options for larger scale environments.

Scaling from just a couple of hundred users on a handful of servers to over a thousand virtual desktops on dozens of hosts, the combination of Citrix and Datrium ensure that the performance, capacity, and cost of the resources are kept under control.



IT organizations can rest assured that using the joint solution of Citrix XenDesktop and Datrium DVX provides end-users the best access to their desktops, applications and data they need to ensure business is not interrupted. This new solution delivers the right mix of performance, manageability, scalability, and protection to meet the demanding needs of today’s modern data centers – simply.

For More Information:

Datrium DVX: https://www.datrium.com/datrium_solutions/virtual-desktop-infrastructure/

Citrix : https://citrixready.citrix.com/info/integrated-systems.html


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