Cloud Archiving on Datrium DVX Solution Brief

A simpler platform for keeping primary and secondary data in the same system for longer periods


  • Long term data retention can be supported on the same platform in the same format as the original application. Meet business needs for off site copy and leverage public cloud services (AWS S3) more economically than competing alternatives.
  • Flexible policy controlled granularity and replication capabilities provide access to the data elements to the right host or site without affecting production systems.
  • Data reduction benefits for both primary and secondary capacity optimizations on the same infrastructure platform – no need to have separate primary and secondary (backup) systems.


Managing the long-term possession of primary data sets has typically involved the need for multiple data storage platforms – one for the primary production instance, one or more for backup copies or development / test use, one or more for offsite protection and sometimes even more for deep backup or archive simply to reduce the amount of primary data to keep on hand. The cost and performance needs of primary data storage has often been the main driver for the myriad of platforms needed to support an organization’s operational goals and budgets.



Datrium DVX provides the first platform to ideally support both the primary and secondary data storage needs of an organization on the same infrastructure platform along with integration to the public cloud for offsite copies. By splitting the primary data space to the host – in flash – and maintaining a durable protected copy of the data – on a shared Data Node – DVX can overcome the challenges of needing to keep “too much data”. Combine that with sophisticated data management capabilities of deduplication, compression, erasure coding, snapshots, cloning, replication and encryption and you have a robust primary and secondary data platform all in one system. This setup shown in figure 1 shows the potential expansion of onsite Date Nodes to hold more backup/archive data (lighter shades) as well as the option to move that content offsite to another DVX for longer term retention. The 2nd DVX system can now be a Datrium DVX (private cloud) or a Cloud DVX (public AWS S3 cloud) location for data copies.



Long term data retention on common platform

With the Datrium DVX Cloud Data Management solution, data is protected and stored in the same format as the original VM, persistent container volume or datastore file through an extremely space efficient snapshot capability. Primary data is maintained in host flash on the Compute Node for improved active data IO performance while secondary (backup/archived) data is kept on the local Data Node or replicated to a secondary DVX. With built in storage snapshot and restore mechanisms, data copies require less handling – data movement or capacity consumption – to enable primary to secondary or even offsite copies. Using the same platform to hold primary and secondary copies of critical business data simplifies the overall IT environment by reducing the number of different solutions needed to support both primary and secondary data management requirements. With Split Provisioning capabilities, storage capacity can be scaled independently from the performance aspects allowing for robust onsite or offsite configurations with appropriate amounts of capacity to address business retention needs.


Figure 1


Policy controlled granularity and replication provide additional access in the right location

Datrium DVX provides the ideal component granularity and control features when securing application data assets for longer term retention. This approach means capturing the entire application component(s) (think vdisks or persistent container volumes) and leverages policy based selection, schedule and site control. Policy definitions for Protection Groups can select collections of VMs for consistency or just to the individual VM or vdisk level for finer grained 

considerations. The DVX solution provides a flexible cloning and replication capability to further leverage the use of the data within the same site or with another DVX system. The secondary DVX system can be another on-prem Datrium DVX or a Cloud DVX (public AWS S3 cloud) location (figure 2). Protection Group policies allow for different retention periods so long term backup or archived data can be sent to an alternate location if desired. All of this means that primary data can be captured, protected, copied for other use, or moved to other locations leveraging the DVX architecture.



 Common data reduction for primary and secondary data sets together

Within the DVX platform, data reduction with compression and deduplication is always on for both primary and secondary data sets. Point in time snapshots only capture the delta changes and even those are compressed and deduplicated against the global set of data on the DVX. This provides an extremely capacity efficient platform for both primary and secondary data sets. If more capacity is needed, the Split Provisioning feature of the DVX system allows growth in durable capacity at a very affordable rate. By reducing the need for separate primary and secondary data platforms and gaining the data reductions advantages of a common data pool – longer term backup or archived data sets can be easily addressed. If data is needed to be maintained offsite, data reduction benefits apply to the replication activities as well, further reducing network requirements and traffic in and out of remote sites independent of private or public cloud DVX scenarios.


It’s no longer necessary to separate active primary data from protected (backup/archived) secondary data on different platforms and solutions within your data center. The Datrium DVX solution with Split Provisioning scalability for capacity can provide a single system to keep your active data performing well in flash, on the host and manage your secondary copies of data. Figure 1 shows the basic concept of keeping primary and secondary data in the same platform and with the right choice of arrow it’s archived either onsite or offsite.

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