Cohesity Solution Brief

Simplicity, scale-out performance and data protection for all applications & services



  • Datrium’s secure ultra-low latency tier-1 storage and Cohesity DataProtect provides simplicity, efficiency and scalability for your Enterprise Cloud
  • Utilize a Datrium and Cohesity joint solution to encrypt your data with FIPS 140-2 approved or validated encryption to ensure compliance
  • Recover what you want, when you need it regardless if it’s on-premises or in the cloud
  • Gain valuable insights and make your application data productive with custom analytics



Organizations across the globe are challenged to provide their customers with high performance applications that are available 24×7, regardless of location. Due to evolving business needs and modern applications, businesses are increasing adoption of flash technology. At the same time, with growing data generated, customers need an enterprise-class, scale-out secondary storage. Datrium DVX and Cohesity together provide scale-out performance and capacity for your mission-critical applications as well as data protection with instant recovery and an agile method for repurposing data for test/development, and file analytics.



Private Cloud Consolidation with Open Convergence in one word is: Effortless. Like most Private Cloud Data Centers, you have a wide range of applications, 

workloads and performance profiles. Datrium DVX allows you to consolidate and isolate these within a single elastic pool of compute and capacity resources. Eliminate the need to arrange separate storage pools just to get acceptable performance as well as host to host (noisy-neighbor) network bandwidth just to support those storage pools.

Your Private Cloud built on Open Convergence is, well, private! Your cloud-based data remains deduped, compressed and encrypted in-use, in-flight and at-rest. Based on FIPS-approved AES-XTS-256 with 512-bit keys, you get powerful protection end-to-end without trading off economics.

Datrium DVX Architecture: All VM and IO processing on Compute Nodes is split from durable data on Data Nodes. The split architecture allows for scalability of performance and compute separately from capacity, so the system can mix and scale workloads massively.
Compute Nodes maintain all VM data in local flash for ultra-low latency performance, and are independent of each other making maintenance simple while all data availability assured.
Datrium Data Nodes maintain all persistent copies of data, which is always compressed, globally deduped, and erasure coded with double fault-tolerance.

Cohesity is redefining secondary storage with the only hyperconverged solution, Cohesity DataPlatform, eliminates the complexity of traditional secondary data by unifying data protection, file services, object storage, test/dev, analytics and cloud integration on a single, web-scale platform. As a unified, scale-out solution, Cohesity eliminates legacy secondary storage silos, simplifies management with a single UI as well as a fully consumable REST API and policy-based automation regardless of location – from edge to the cloud.



As a software-defined storage for data protection, Cohesity DataProtect reduces your Recovery Points to under 5 minutes and provides instant mass restore to any point in time, while cutting your data protection cost by over 50%. Cohesity natively integrates with leading public cloud providers for archival, tiering and replication.

Cohesity SpanFSTM, a distributed file system supports multiprotocol access (NFS/SMB and S3) on a single platform. To accelerate development, you can instantly provision zero-cost clones on Cohesity, and leverage the same platform for data analytics.


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