Datrium DVX for Service Providers Solution Brief

Run any workload at any scale. Instantly protect and restart virtual machines.


  • Simple, elastic, and independent scaling of performance and capacity.
  • Consolidate any mix of user, application and data using secure multi-tenancy and host isolation features.
  • Save management time and provision new services instantly.
  • Minimize cost with built-in backup and end-to-end data security for data resiliency and differentiation.


Service provider business models rely on running their infrastructure as efficiently as possible while delivering high performance at scale so that they can offer differentiation and compelling price points to their end-customers, maximize margins and align spending with revenue growth.

For this, service providers need an infrastructure platform that allows performance and scaling as demand grows, minimizes operational costs at scale and unlocks new revenue models for the provider. These challenges are not easily solved by solutions today:

  • Provisioning and scaling performance and capacity independently is hard.
  • Multiple solutions are needed for high performance, multi-hypervisor and backup/disaster recovery.
  • Leveraging past investments is usually not an option and forklift upgrades are the norm.



Datrium DVX was architected from the ground-up to address the service provider challenges. It features a radical new architecture that leverages host compute for accelerating performance on local flash with software-defined storage while keeping data safe in separate data nodes so hosts continue to be performance isolated and stateless. DVX features secure multi-tenancy capabilities that enable safe consolidation of multiple clients on shared platforms.

In addition, backup efficiency and features were built into the product from the beginning. All data efficiency features such as deduplication, compression and inline erasure coding are always-on in a DVX. No knobs and no compromises. In addition, snapshots are fast and very granular allowing targeted backups of virtual machines and even virtual disks. The system is capable of storing 1 million snapshots with cost-optimized data node capacity.

Here’s how these feature combine to deliver unprecedented simplicity, performance at scale, and cost effective value add for service providers:


Figure 1


Elastically scale performance and capacity on demand

Service providers can start with one compute and data node and elastically scale performance by adding compute nodes and capacity by adding data nodes. The solution can scale to support massive performance and capacity in a single system (1 to 128 compute nodes for 18 million 4KB random read IOPS at sub-ms latency and 1 to 10 data nodes for 1.7PB of effective storage capacity). This ensures that service providers can right-size the solution to customer needs and scale with demand.

Figure 2


Safely consolidate applications, users and data with built-in multi-tenancy

By serving all reads from local flash, DVX provides faster performance than other alternatives. This enables service providers to serve more customers and applications (VDI, SQL, Exchange, etc.) from fewer DVX systems, which saves cost.

In addition, DVX supports the ability to run multiple hypervisors (VMware vSphere, Red Hat Virtualization and KVM), docker containers and bare-metal linux server hosts in the same system eliminating infrastructure silos and enabling ease of management and provisioning.

DVX allows service providers to control datastore mounts on a host by host basis. Using this functionality, service providers can deploy multiple clients on a shared system while ensuring that each clients’ data is safely isolated.


Figure 3


Converge primary and backup on a single platform

DVX enables service providers to offer value added services such as backup/disaster recovery or end-to-end data encryption to their customers. DVX can not only run the hosted applications or virtual machines but also dramatically improve RPO and RTO by eliminating the need for multiple copies of data across multiple systems. Snapshots are instantaneous with RPO as low as 10 minutes. Restores are completed in seconds instead of a RTO of hours needed to copy data from a separate backup system.

Figure 4


Secure all data in-flight and at-rest

DVX features a new level of data security by encrypting data in-flight and at-rest between the server host and the data nodes. So, not only does the encryption protect against drive thefts but also against network sniffing in the datacenter. The encryption capability comes with an internal key manager saving external key management costs and is FIPS-140-2 compliant.

In addition, get full ransomware protection with immutable snapshots that are stored in a separate namespace not accessible to the network.


Figure 5


Achieve true single pane of glass management from VMware vCenter

DVX offers VM-centric management by integrating directly into vCenter via plugin for true single pane of glass management. There are no storage artifacts to manage anymore. In addition, since all data services are always-on and optimized to co-exist with performance, there is nothing to tune or manage as the capacity or scale grows. New VMs can be provisioned in minutes to speed revenue and deliver industry leading customer satisfaction.


Figure 6


Protect investments and save costs by bringing your own server nodes and flash

By keeping servers stateless and eliminating server-to-server cross-talk, DVX empowers service providers to leverage any existing host or buy hosts from any vendor they like and use it without any compromises in a DVX solution. This ensures management consistency, protects previous investments and reduces purchase costs by eliminating storage markups on commodity components such as servers and server flash. nb b


Quotes from service providers already enjoying DVX benefits

“Prior to Datrium, the conversation I had with prospects was about leveraging our world-class data center for business continuity and taking care of everything for them. But because of the governor on our speed, we could not always promise better performance. Now with Open Convergence, it’s more resilient and faster, so I can add more benefits to the conversation. Ultimately, that means more revenue for us, and greater performance for our clients.”

– Michael Strong, COO, Blue Layer IT Solutions


“I’ve been looking at the market for a long time, and this is really the first storage system that feels like it’s built for an infrastructure-as-a-service provider like us.”

– Martin Skojec, Director of IT, EdgeConneX


“Datrium’s open convergence platform provides Neovera with the kind of elastic performance and capacity that clients expect with their cloud-based, high value applications. Larger deployments used to take us a week or more to provision. With Datrium, it’s now down to hours which means our clients are up and running sooner, and our time to revenue is faster.”

– Scott Weinberg, CEO, Neovera


For More Information:

Datrium: https://www.datrium.com/why-datrium/


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