Disaster Recovery Solution Brief

Enhance BC/DR with Datrium DVX Rackscale Systems


  • Improved Business Continuity with more
    intuitive RPO and lower RTO capabilities built into the storage
  • Simpler management with flexible policy driven elastic replication for off-site protection
  • Bandwidth control supports a variety of
    topologies and site to site optimization
  • Host based connectivity is leveraged for higher availability, performance and control


Enterprises can ill afford to have production systems down
for hours or worse – the entire day. Time lost to system outages mean resources are idling and lost revenue. Private cloud based enterprises must have high availability and failure tolerance built into their systems and data centers to mitigate any disaster – human or nature. Ensuring that your virtualized applications are running and access to business-critical
data can be brought online within a few minutes – anywhere, anytime – rather than hours are assurances of business continuity and success.


The Datrium DVX system provides built-in mechanisms for disaster mitigation. Deploying multiple Datrium DVX solutions – across data sites – provides the foundation for primary or remote site recovery. The key components of a Datrium DVX business continuity solution can be seen in Figure 1.



Application instance recovery within minutes

Achieve near-instantaneous recovery of your critical applications in the event of a disaster. Utilize DVX’s local backup copies to recover from any point-in-time bringing your application instances online within minutes. Improve your
RPO (granularity and retention) and RTO (speed to recovery) with a solution designed to work alongside the primary storage solution in your virtualized data center.

Diverse topology and bandwidth control for better
data management

Datrium DVX’s replication solution supports multiple topologies between data center sites. The traffic is server powered just like the primary storage is and travels between hosts at one site to hosts at the destination. This elastic replication is easily scaled and provides the mechanisms for flexible control of bandwidth. This feature allows you to leverage the hosts and the DVX’s at remote sites to protect against single site failures. Rest easy knowing that you can construct a solution to mitigate just about any disaster – human or nature – with multiple DVXs’ across availability zones and regions.

Flexible policy driven elastic replication

With Datrium DVX, you can create multiple protection groups and tailor your policy settings for data and VM level protection. Datrium DVX protection groups are simple customizable policies that help drive more meaningful RPOs within your environment. Flexible definitions for protection groups means you control:

  1. Which application instances and files are protected in each group providing consistent point in time between components being protected
  2. When the protection group elements are protected – frequency and retention settings
  3. Where the protected data sets are retained – locally for immediate use or remotely with replication for offsite recovery needs

Replication connectivity with higher availability, performance and control

The Datrium DVX solution is server powered and can sustain N-host failures with minimal impact to running applications. The site to site replication is also server powered and data travels between the hosts in a DVX topology. This translates into a more resilient replication network with better control that can scale in performance as hosts are added. At your local site your virtualized applications and data are still safe and accessible even if existing DVX hosts fail in a disaster.

Your Datrium DVX Data Server is your durable and persistent storage that can be accessed by any new hosts or existing hosts added to the Datrium DVX. Business continuity across sites can be enabled with elastic replication to multiple DVXs’ allowing you to dynamically add new hosts and bring your virtualized applications and data back online from any of your DR sites.


Ensure business continuity and revenue generating operations are not negatively impacted with a storage system that supports local backup and remote replication capabilities integrated with the primary data services that is fast, efficient, simple to manage and works within your business needs. Having Datrium DVXs’ in your virtualized data center means multiple availability zones – for DR – with the following supported topologies:

  1. Traditional Production – DR (One-to-one)
  2. Active / Active Data Centers (Bi-directional)
  3. Centralized Distribution (One-to-many)
  4. Centralized Backup (Many-to-one)

With Datrium DVX, IT administrators have the right mix of performance, manageability and economics to meet the demanding needs of today’s modern data centers – while ensuring system or site outages will not impact application and data availability for today’s private cloud enterprise.


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