Docker and Datrium Solution Brief

A simpler infrastructure for building apps with containers


  • Rich data services enable protection, sharing and provisioning of containers across sites
  • Split provisioning provides individual performance and capacity scalability for container based environments
  • Run Docker on bare metal Linux and coexist with virtualization from Red Hat or VMware in the same DVX
  • Enhance the overall security with Blanket Encryption for data in-use, in-flight and at-rest


Docker is an enterprise class container solution for developers, system administrators and the enterprise. It is an infrastructure independent platform for full stack application portability. Organizations deploy Docker on hypervisors or on bare metal Linux servers. Docker is simply, one platform for all applications.

Deploying Docker on bare metal Linux is straightforward but lacks robust data services to protect and administer the underlying platform and container volumes. Layering in virtualization and/or hyperconvergence may add the desired data services but introduces dependencies on platform vendors (lock in) and complicates the scalability options relative to performance and capacity as projects expand.

The challenge is getting the Docker application environment benefits that come with a bare metal Linux deployment, along with flexible, on-demand platform scalability, data protection, seamless cloud integration, and a solution that supports team collaboration across projects, sites and data centers.


Deploy your Docker container infrastructure on a robust compute and storage platform that provides:

  • Clean separation of performance (compute) and capacity (data) so each resource can grow as needed without dependency on the other
  • Rich set of private and hybrid cloud data services for protecting and sharing critical Docker components like persistent volumes and containers, along with robust data handling capabilities like compression, deduplication and encryption
  • Choice to run in a virtualized environment and/or bare metal according to project needs

Datrium provides this platform with DVX, a Tier 1 HCI platform that delivers world class performance, scale out backup, and cloud in a single converged system. DVX provides the optimal platform for Docker container development.


Rich data services enable provisioning, sharing, protection, and cloud integration

Docker eliminates the complexity of application install and configuration, but since images pull in dependencies as they are built, unnecessary copies of data can result and often take additional time to obtain. One of the key benefits of the Datrium platform is that a container persistent volume cloned on one compute node is instantly available on all others. Developers and operators can take advantage of Datrium DVX file level granularity, container level snapshots, and cloning of Docker persistent volumes for collaboration – using the same data sets – with thousands of Docker containers in minutes.

Datrium DVX protection groups allow IT administrators to use dynamic pattern search for on-site backups and off-site disaster recovery of Docker volumes and files. Keep key Docker volumes and files protected – both on-premises and in the cloud – without reconfiguring existing data protection policies, even when new Docker volumes are created. In a disaster, IT administrators can easily restore thousands of critical files (from remote sites and cloud) and Docker volumes within minutes.

Performance and capacity scalability for container environments

IT administrators do not need to compromise performance in a mixed workload environment. Datrium DVX host isolation ensures IT organizations will get the best performance and capacity efficiency out of every server deployed for DevOps and production workloads.

Global deduplication and compression are in-line and always-on for capacity efficiency across all Datrium DVX systems — both on-prem and cloud. Add capacity for the active (server) data or to the persistent (shared) data independently. With persistent data shared across all servers, system recovery in the event of a server outage – scheduled or not – is quickly and seamlessly handled to keep applications up and running.

Datrium combines the server and storage components into a single, simple turnkey infrastructure solution and a single platform for containers and virtualization.

Coexist bare-metal and virtualized containers

Docker with Datrium

With Datrium DVX, IT organizations are not bound to hypervisors. IT administrators can choose to deploy virtualized Docker hosts or Docker on bare metal Linux. Virtual machines and Docker containers can coexist in the same Datrium DVX because hosts operate independently from one another – enabling isolation and eliminating noisy neighbors in a mixed workload environment. IT administrators can consolidate and scale diverse workloads – predictably – with Datrium DVX.

Datrium provides the ability to simultaneously support containers on bare metal Linux, Red Hat Kernel Virtual Machines, and VMware vSphere VMs all in the same DVX system as shown in Figure 1.


Enhance overall security with blanket encryption for data in-use, in-flight and at-rest

Datrium DVX is architected for availability. Critical application data is protected from server and storage failures with the dual controller DVX Data Node – even if all Red Hat Virtualization hosts are lost in a DR scenario. Additionally, Datrium Elastic Replication and Cloud DVX capabilities ensure production data is protected on-site and/or off-site and in the cloud with our built-in blanket encryption, and policy driven snapshots, replication, and clone capabilities supporting robust data management requirements.

Simplify Management and eliminate the cost and complexity of SAN and NAS-based storage

Datrium DVX Blanket Encryption provides end-to-end encryption along with data reduction to secure data in-use, in-flight, and at-rest. There is no special hardware required and no sacrifice of data reduction when data is encrypted. The Datrium data encryption approach uses native host capabilities (AES-NI) that virtually eliminates any performance impact of encryption and the built-in key management services. Blanket Encryption is fully FIPS 140-2 Validated.

When enabled, Datrium DVX Blanket Encryption works with a built-in key management system to protect all data in one simple step. Datrium DVX for Docker can help organizations build thousands of Docker containers on a secure platform for efficient team collaboration. 


Docker is secure out-of-the-box but when developers and operators need to share Docker volumes with thousands of containers across teams and sites, corporate data and intellectual property may be at risk. Datrium DVX Blanket Encryption ensures that critical corporate data is always protected without compromising performance or data reduction.

Consolidate all application workloads on an Tier-1 platform that scales and incorporates scale out backup and integrated cloud capabilities. Datrium DVX for Docker is the logical step forward for organizations looking to securely deploy containers for developers and operators to collaborate and deliver applications faster.

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